Chair’s blog – 15th Jan

Last week, we had another interest talk by Steven Le Prevost, the images he showed certainly fitted the impressionist theme and he gave a lot of useful info on how he produced them – thanks for Michael for organising.  The link to the recording will be sent by email.

Wildlife Photography Exhibition in Wilmslow

Whilst walking off my Sunday brunch today, I passed the ICE art gallery on Water Lane and spotted this notice.

Tim Flach’s website has excellent images, so it may well be worth popping in to take a look.  There isn’t any more information on the ICE galleries website however this also contains some of Tim’s images


Next week, we have competition 5 which is PDI and we will be meeting in the Guild for this, I hope to see you all there. 

Competition 5 will be a print competition and to encourage more people to enter, you don’t need to mount your prints.  Two sections as usual – open colour and panorama theme, and we are allowing the panoramas to be up to 600mm wide.  For those new to printing, a lot of people use ds colorlabs although other options are available.

Upcoming meetings

Just to confirm that the meeting on Jan 26th will be in the Guild, whilst both the speaker on Feb 2nd and the 3 way inter-club battle on Feb 9th will be online meetings.

Other items

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the PAGB Masters of Print 2021 Exhibition is being held at Wilkinson Cameras Liverpool from Jan 15th to 30th.

Take care,



Chair’s blog – 8th Jan

I hope you enjoyed the battle last week, lots of fantastic images and we won! If you missed it, an email has been sent out with a link to the recording – I can see that 32 people across the four clubs have already watched it .  The Canadian judging will take place on Jan 18th at 1am! I will send out the Zoom invite nearer the time for any night owls who wish to watch it live!

Next week We have a remote speaker hence the meeting will be via Zoom for everyone.  If people wish to go into the guild to watch the speaker, please let me know as soon as possible and definitely by 6pm on 11th Jan.  If there is sufficient interest, I will look at organising this.
The closing date for the next competition is 12th Jan. As the competition is the following week, it is unlikely that there will be an extension to this date.
Other items
I recently came across a Youtube video by Robin Whalley entitled “Why you find Affinity Photo confusing”  If you are in that boat, you may want to watch it.  I’m happy to add any recommended videos on Photoshop/Lightroom to future blogs – just email them to me.
All the best, hope to see you on Wednesday

Chairman’s blog – Happy New Year

I hope everyone is well, had a great Christmas and your celebrations weren’t affected by Covid. With the rise of the Omicron variant, I realise that people may be less comfortable with meeting in the Guild.  Fortunately, the programme this year has been designed for more online content in Jan/Feb if necessary and the first few meetings will be available online.

Next meeting 5th Jan – Interclub competition

The entries are in for this four way competition between ourselves, Knutsford, Manitoba and South Winnipeg.  This will be held over Zoom to allow as many Knutsford and Canadian members to attend. For logistical reasons, there will not be a meeting in the Guild for this on the 5th January.

If you haven’t received the zoom link via email by 3rd Jan, please check your junk mail thoroughly and then let me know. It’s better not to leave this till the 5th Jan as I’m unlikely to have time to respond between finishing work and joining the meeting.

Following this, the meetings on the 12th and 19th Jan, these will be available to everyone via Zoom.  If people want to attend in the Guild on these dates, please let me know and we will see this can be arranged.  If I don’t hear from you, I will assume that there isn’t any interest.

Competitions & Judges

We’ve cleaned and adjusted the projector in the guild and hopefully,  images will now project ok. Please bear in mind that the judges do get to view the images at home before the judging so will have seen them on a calibrated monitor.

Whilst I’m on the subject of judges and compeitions, there is always discussion about how judges comment and how to reduce their criticism. I found this judging special newsletter on the PAGB website interesting although I’m not sure I’ve put any of it into practice yet!

52 week project and other ideas

Mary is running the 52 week project this year. If you wish to join in, please get in touch with her.  It’s a relaxed group and the sharing and discussion of images is via a separate Whatsapp group.  Also, many of the photo sites on the web are full of projects for the year.  Here are a few on the ephotozine website.  These are a great way to keep your motivation up, particularly at the moment.


For those of you interesting in entering the Southport Exhibition, the deadline is 14th January. More information can be found here.

The Smethwick International exhibition is judged between the 8th and 16th January. You can book online at their website if you wish to join the judging and the prints can be viewed free of charge on their website from the 8th Jan

Third 2021 Competition Results

On Wednesday we held our 3rd competition of the 2021/22 season. This was a DPI (digital image) competition.  Our judge was Mike Lawrence who provided us with some excellent comments and coped with the very large number of entries.

Double congratulations to John O’Brien who won the Open Colour competition with ‘Emotion’ and also the Landscape competition with ‘In the Golden Mist’.

In the Golden Mist
In the Golden Mist

Full results are available on Photoentry as usual.

Last blog of the year


I’ve sent my weekly email on Friday 3 Dec, if you haven’t received it please check your spam folder.  Here are the link from the email for future reference.

As mentioned previously, entries for the Southport Open Exhibition are now open. We’ve had some success in previous years and this year it is PDI only so it is easy to submit your entries.
The L&CPU are holding a mock PAGB accrediation advisory day on Sunday 16th January. If you are thinking of going for this, use this link to find out more.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Chairman’s blog – 26th November

Well, as many of you know, I didn’t make the meeting last week thanks to “Test and Trace”.  My PCR test was negative so I could have come to the meeting but better safe than sorry, hopefully I’ll be there next week! Thanks to Michael and David (and anyone else who helped) who got the technology working so folks at home could watch. I enjoyed listening to the speaker. The link to the recording is in my weekly email.

Next week, it’s a PDI competition evening, and we have a good number of entries.

As today is Black Friday, there are many deals around. Two that have caught my eye are for software.  DXO software is 50% off, this includes the Nik collection and Affinity are giving 30% off.  Adobe have 39% off Creative Cloud.

I’ve missed most of the episodes however caught Episode 5 of “My Greatest Shot” on Sky Arts. Photographers talk about how they produced an image and you may enjoy it. It is repeated on Sunday afternoon, along with with Episode 6 .

That’s it for now, fingers crossed for Wednesday





Chairman’s blog – November 21st


I hope you’ve all been enjoying the autumn colours and have been able to get out and about with your camera.  I’m now back from my travels and like to thank Michael and Dave for hosting previous meetings along with everyone who helped try and get the technology working. Thanks also to the speakers at last week’s meeting.

Next week’s meeting

Looking forward to the next meeting this is a talk by Steve Proctor – ‘Power & Poise’. We will be meeting in the Guild as normal and will try (once again) to share the meeting via Zoom. Let’s hope we have better luck than previous weeks.

Co-op Community Fund – Raising money for the Guild

Ali has sent the following message:

I‘m writing to tell you that The Guild has been selected as one of Co-op’s CommunitIy Fund causes in our area. Co-op membership card holders can raise funds for the Guild every time they shop and swipe their card.
It’s super important to select the Guild as your cause on the App, via their Website or by calling 0800 0686 727 (It doesn’t matter if you live in Wilmslow)
This is our cause page: Co-op (


We are still looking for volunteers to help with the IT for the meetings in the Guild. At the moment, this falls to a very select band so please volunteer to learn and help get everything ready.  We would also like more help on the general committee to share the workload.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you on Wednesday.


Chairman’s blog – November 12th

Hello everyone,

My weekly email sometimes fails to reach everyone so I thought I’d write a weekly blog that contains most of the information.  If you see the blog and haven’t received the email, please check your spam folder to see if it is there.


Next meeting is in the Guild

This is a member’s evening, chaired by Michael as I’m on my travels again.  He is giving a talk on cyanotype, Steve is showing some of the new features of Lightroom and tips on processing.  There will also be a review of the images from the Wyming Brook, and from the Wilmslow Photo walk. Please help Michael set-up the equipment at the start of the meeting, and help put is away again.

17th November is closing date for upload of images for Competition 3 which is PDI and has the Open Colour and Landscape categories. At the end of the season, we will share top PDI photographer, print worker however there won’t be any trophies for these just the overall POTY.


Tim Clinch

On the 3rd of November Tim Clinch entertained and informed us with his Zoom talk on smartphone photography.   He mentioned his new venture, Two Photographers, being himself and Joanna MacLennan. They have free weekly on-line discussions, creative photography workshops, mentoring, consultation and more.  For more information visit


Southport Open Exhibition

Here is a flyer with information for entering the Southport Open Exhibition.  Our members often enter this competition and we have an evening next year when Trevor Davenport from Southport PS will be visiting us to show the winning entries.  This year it is a digital-only competition and entries close on the 14th of January.


“The FIAP Photo Academy – Reza Deghati (free Zoom event)

The Power of Photography for Humanity – Reza Deghati

The FIAP Photo Academy Online Events is very pleased to announce that we will host a presentation from the Paris Based Photographer Reza Deghati on Sunday 28th November 2021 

A philanthropist, idealist, humanist, Reza’s career began with studies in architecture. He has gone on to become a renowned photojournalist who, for the last three decades, has worked all over the world, notably for National Geographic. His assignments have taken him to over a hundred countries as a witness to humanity’s conflicts and catastrophes. His work is featured in the international media (National Geographic, Time Magazine, Stern, Newsweek, El País, Paris Match, Geo…), as well as a series of books, exhibitions and documentaries.

Along with his work as a photographer Reza is also a volunteer, committed to the training of young people from conflict-ridden societies in the language of images, to help them strive for a better world. In 2001 he founded Ainaworld in Afghanistan which trains people in information and communications through the development of educational tools and adapted media.

Reza has exhibited his work Memories of Exile at the Louvre Carousel in 1998; Crossing Destinies on the railings of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris; One World One Tribe in Washington DC; War+Peace at the Caen Memorial; Hope in Doha; and Windows of the Soul in Corsica. More recently the giant panorama A Dream of Humanity was featured along the banks of the Seine during the summer of 2015, showing portraits of refugees around the world.

He is the author of 30 books and the recipient of many awards.

During his presentation Reza will present an overview of his work and his actions in different regions and topics, including Afghanistan illustrated with the best iconic visuals. 

Paul Stanley

Director, FIAP Photo Academy Online Events”

I’ll send the Zoom link via Email so you can join this meeting.


Other news

We will be having an informal Christmas get together as listed in the programme at a local hostelry, I’ll send details nearer the time.

That’s it for now, see you all on November 24th


Second 2021 Competition Results

Last night held our second monthly competition of the 2021/22 season, and our first print competition for some considerable time.  

Our judge David Butler from Chorley PS provided lots of interesting and useful comments on the pictures, and the relatively low number of entries meant there was time to discuss some of the pictures too.

Congratulations to Michael Hilton for winning both the Open Monochrome section with ‘In the Countryside’, and the Minimalism section with ‘Sea Pool’.

This year we are simplifying things by not publishing all the entries on the website; members will have received emails from the Photoentry system with all the results and images.

In the Countryside
In the Countryside

Sea Pool
Sea Pool

First 2021 Competition Results

We held our first monthly competition of the 2021/22 season last week.  Congratulations to Pat Sawas for winning the Open Colour DPI section with ‘Not your run of the mill mannequin’, and to John O’Brien for his winning entry in the Double Exposure DPI section with ‘Cracked Actor’.

This year we are simplifying things by not publishing all the entries on the website; members will have received emails from the Photoentry system with all the results and images.

Not your run of the mill mannequin
Not your run of the mill mannequin

Cracked Actor
Cracked Actor

The Calendar is Now Available

You can now see the full 2021 – 2022 calendar and sync it with your phone calendar etc. if you wish.

For an overview of the year, you can also download a PDF of the printed programme.  Members can also collect a printed programme at a Wednesday meeting.

Annual Competition – Part 2: Open Mono and nature sections

The second section of the Annual Competition was reviewed by Terry Donnelly

In Open Mono, Pat Sawas took first place with “Alien Nation”, 2nd place was Chris Hills with “Dovercourt Lighthouse” and Adrian Hazeldine taking 3rd place  with “Parked under the street lamp”.

John Dennis took the 1st place honours with “Painted Lady”, 2nd was Mary Dolan with “Squirrel’s Bath Time  and Ian Denby was 3rd with “Early morning on the beach”.

Congratulation to all,

Annual Competition – Part 1: Open Colour and People & Portraits sections

There was a good Zoom audience as the judge reviewed images from the Open Colour and People & Portraits sections of the Annual Competition.  One of the judges, Nick Berentzen gave feedback on behalf the three judges.

In Open Colour, David Higton took first place with his picture of “Loch Ard” with Mary Dolan taking 2nd and 3rd place with “Stormy Seas, Turner Style” and “Winter Golf”.

Michael Hilton took the 1st and 2nd place honours with “Drawn to the Light” and “Spiral Stairs, and Les Stringer’s “Reading the Sunday papers” was 3rd.

Congratulation to all, and roll on the Part 2 review evening next week, Mono and Nature

6th Competition results – Photographer of the year decided

We held our 6th competition on Wednesday wtih two Parts, Mono and Windows. Congratulations to Mary and Pat for their winning entries.  The results are on the website here, the top three images from each section can be found here and the final standings in POTY are here.

Congratulations to John O’Brien for winning photographer of the year. John beat Michael Hilton by a single point at the end, it couldn’t be closer.

Results of the 5th Competition

We held our 5th competition on Wednesday wtih two Parts, Colour and Surrealist. Congratulations to Pat and John for their winning entries.  The results are on the website here, the top three images from each section can be found here and the current standings in POTY are here.

The competition for POTY this year is close  with two more rounds to go – who will emerge as winner? John’s lead has been cut by 2 points with Michael and Dave within touching distance – will he make it over the finish line?  It’s squeaky bum time as Fergie used to say!

Entries for Comp 6 (Open Colour & Surreal) close on 10th March with the judging on 24th March.

Results of the 4th Competition

We held our 4rd competition on Wednesday wtih two Parts, Colour and Seascapes. Congratulations to Monica and Adrian for their winning entries.  The results are on the website here, the top three images from each section can be found here and the current standings in POTY are here.

The competition for POTY this year is close as always with four more rounds to go – who will emerge as winner?  Entries for Comp 5 (Open Colour & Surreal) close on 10th Feb with the judging on 24th Feb.

Image editing sessions

The first image editing sessions went well – 28 people attended via Zoom, with lots of interaction, questions and help on hand. First up David gave an overview of Affinity followed by Bill who gave an introduction to basic adjustments. 

The next session is planned for Monday 14th Dec at 7:30pm

Here are the links to the websites that have more learning – for those who cannot wait.

Robin Whalley’s lenscraft 

Olivio Sarikas

Robin also has a book on Affinity with another on the way. I’ve not seen it so can’t comment on what it’s like (Amazon reviews are good) and the ebook is a good price.

There was a poll of the attendees, the results are here. Note the Photoshop users include Photoshop Elements.

Results of the 3rd Competition & Dec 9th

We held our 3rd competition last night wtih two sections, Mono and Industrial. Congratulations to Gary and John for their winning entries.  The results are on the website here, the top three images from each section can be found here and the current standings in POTY are here.

Next week is our first editing session, we’ll be looking at Affinity as an editing programme, covering basic editing steps and maybe more.  We will also canvas opinion on what topics we should cover in future sessions.

Hope to see you there! If we don’t, have a Happy Christmas!

Image processing challenge

Download the images from the link in the original email by clicking on download or the 3 dots icon.

Please post your edited images to Photoentry under the ad hoc section. There is one “competition” for each image and you are allowed one edit – so pick the one you like the best.

Don’t forget, they need to be uploaded by the end on Tuesday 3rd November!

First Zoom competition

The competition season got underway last night, our first one using Zoom.  From a technical point of view, all went well. There were two sections, open colour and a splash of colour. There was a wide variety of images and congratulation to Les Stringer and Bill Salkeld for their winning photos.  All the results are shown here and the top 3 images in each section are in the 2020-21 gallery



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