Chair’s blog – 22nd Jan

Last week, we were back in the Guild for the first time in 2022 and it was great to see everyone.  It was the 4th competition of the series, Mono and Geometry PDI.  There was a healthy entry in both sections, with David Royle winning the mono and Mary Dolan winning Geometry – well done to both.

In the POTY, John O’Brien is 7 points in the lead with 4 others in close contention – the last two competitions will be interesting.  If you wish to see the tables, log onto PhotoEntry and select “show series results” – all will be revealed.

Next competition

This will be a print competition, no need to mount the prints this time but you can if you wish.  For the panorama theme, the print can be 600mm wide otherwise normal rules apply.  Don’t forget to upload a PDI  for each print to PhotoEntry.

Also next week is the last week we will be meeting in person at the Guild before the closing date for competition 5 so if you can get your prints ready for hand in then, that would be most helpful.  If not, talk to David to discuss hand in.

Next week, and beyond

As I’ve said above, next week (26th Jan) we are meeting in the Guild. Login details will only be sent to those who have elected to join via Zoom.

2nd Feb, this will be online only as we have a speaker from California, and on the 9th Feb it is a 3 way battle with Melbourn (Cambridgeshire) and Hebden Bridge. Once again, this will be online only.

4 way battle with Knutsford (KPS), Manitoba (MCC) and Winnipeg South (WPSC)

We’ve received the results from this and Canadian judges also placed us first.  The Canadian judging was based on three judges. It’s been an enjoyable battle.  Here are all the scores.                            

  UK judging CDA judging
Colour Knutsford PS-   180 WPS  –  176
  Wilmslow PS-   175 KPS  –  158
  MCC –                171  MCC  –  145
  WSPC  –         171 WSPC- 144
Mono WPS  –                 187  WPS  – 163
  KPS  –                  177  KPS  –  163
  MCC –                  172  MCC  –  143
   WSPC –               165  WSPC – 128
  Totals for UK portion: Totals for CDN. portion:
   WPS – 362  – 1st WPS  –  339  – 1st
  KPS  – 357  – 2nd  KPS   –  321  – 2nd
   MCC – 343  – 3rd MCC  –  288  – 3rd
  WSPC-336 – 4th WSPC-  272  – 4th
  Grand Aggregate Totals: WPS –   701
    KPS –    678
    MCC-    631
    WSPC- 608