PDI Competition Upload

The upload portal is now available to upload images for

2017-18 Monthly Competition #5

All images must now be submitted in 1600×1200 format

Detailed instructions follow … or click to  Upload Now 

Any comments or queries: click this link to email John Fallows

Uploading your PDI Competition Entries

We encourage you to upload your images direct to the club website. If you are unable to do this you may hand in images on a memory stick.

Image names must be in the format as specified for the relevant competition.

You cannot delete an entry once it has been submitted.

You can upload to a competition at any time before the hand in date. And, of course, you can upload from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can only upload to the current competition(s).

On the web page you will need to:
  • Enter your Name as normal – separated by spaces
    e.g. “William Bloggs”  (without the quotes!)
  • Select the Competition (Annual, Monthly)
  • Select the Competition Section
    (Colour, Mono … etc depending on the competition)
  • Click the BROWSE button to locate up to 6 images to upload
  • Click Submit
  • The next page will report the upload progress and  display any errors. On completion of the upload the currently uploaded images for the Competition / Section are displayed … Including any previously uploaded images
  • Repeat the process for any further sections –
    i.e if you are submitting images for all annual sections you will process 4 separate uploads- one for each section. Just click your browser ‘back’ button at the end of an upload to start a new section.
Points to note
  • Size: the image must fit within a 1600px x 1200px ‘frame’ i.e.
    • If the width is 1600px the height must be 1200px or less
    • If the height is1200px the width must be 1600px or less
    • Images do NOT
      • Need to be exactly 1600×1200
      • Need to have a canvas filled out to 1600×1200 – (but you can if you wish)
        – The DiCentra software will fill in a black canvas if your image is  smaller than 1600×1200
  • File type must be recognised as a valid jpg image
  • The image filename must be “n_Title of My Image.jpg”
    … for example “1_Lake District in Autumn.jpg”  where:
    – n is your priority / sequence number (no leading zero)
    – “Title of My Image” – your chosen title separated by space
    – “.jpg” suffix only
  • It’s helpful if you enter your name consistently
  • Detailed instructions are also provided on the upload site
  • Files resized by ‘Faststone Photo Resizer’ will NOT be accepted
    The file will not be recognised as a jpeg file (I don’t know why)
  • Files prepared by Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, IrfanView or XnView should upload satisfactorily

More detailed explanations & instructions HERE

To reduce the possibility for error we suggest you assemble your images into a dedicated folder for each section … then upload the images from each folder to the relevant competition area.

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