Monthly Comp Results 2017-18

2018 Comp 3 Open Mono
Held on 7 February 2018      
Name Title Mark Award
Les Stringer  The Killing Fields 19 Second
Stuart Martin  The Old Castle 14  
Sian Hampson  A winters day in the hills 15  
David Royle  All Aground 15  
Ken Stables  Sally 17  
David Hardy  Becky 17  
Mary Dolan  Tree and Mountain in the mist 16  
Ian Wilson  Masai Warrior 16  
Chris Hills  Deliberation 16  
David Higton  Bauble 15  
John Obrien  Black Dahlia 17  
Bill Salkeld  Wilmslow weir 14  
Margaret Green  Homeward Bound 16  
Brian Smith  The Bridge 17  
Pat Sawas  No words needed 17  
Gary Schultz  Wellspring, A Sanctuary for the Disavantaged 17  
Nick Jones  Beats a rental car 17  
Ian Tasker  Wreath Layers Await Direction 15  
Michael Hilton  Two Trees on a Wintry Day 17  
Les Stringer  Still waters 17  
Stuart Martin  Derwentwater 16  
Sian Hampson  The winding path 13  
David Royle  Soaring High 16  
Ken Stables  Castleton 14  
David Hardy  The Mesquite, Cordoba 17  
Mary Dolan  Rained Off 16  
Ian Wilson  Masai Mara Lioness 17  
Chris Hills  Shaggy Dog photo 20 First
David Higton  Ian 16  
John Obrien  A Dedicated Follower of Fashion 15  
Bill Salkeld  Walking the dog 15  
Margaret Green  The Pianist 14  
Brian Smith  Face the waves 15  
Pat Sawas  A trio of domes in Buxton 15  
Gary Schultz  Wellspring, The Boss 14  
Nick Jones  1936’s finest 15  
Ian Tasker  Brass 13  
Michael Hilton  Lighthouse Skies 16  
Les Stringer  My turn to babysit 16  
Stuart Martin  Early Walk 18 Third
Sian Hampson  The pond 14  
David Royle  Walk on the Beach 16  
Ken Stables  Marshall 14  
David Hardy  Early morning sun 15  
Mary Dolan  Stuck in the mud 16  
Chris Hills  off road cycling 16  
David Higton  Rushup Edge from Mam Tor 16  
John Obrien  Seen better times 17  
Bill Salkeld  Taking the shot 15  
Margaret Green  Choir in the Museum 15  
Pat Sawas  Puddle reflections down an alley 17  
Gary Schultz  Winter scene in the Peak District 14  
Ian Tasker  Elizabeth Gaskell Memorial Tower Knutsford 14  
Michael Hilton  Tracks in the Woods 17  
2018 Comp 3 Intentional Camera Movement
Held on 7 February 2018      
Name Title Mark Award
Ian Tasker  Suzuki Climbing to the Cat & Fiddle 15  
Margaret Green  Impression Piccadilly 17  
Gary Schultz  Path to the Haunted Tree 13  
Sian Hampson  Bus over London Bridge 17  
David Hardy  Clematis confusion 16  
Les Stringer  The woods in autumn 17  
David Royle  Chaos on the Sea Shore 17  
David Higton  Trees 15  
Nick Jones  Make that tackle 14  
Michael Hilton  The Double Decker Bus 20 First
Mary Dolan  On the run 16  
Chris Hills  Turbine Hall 14  
Pat Sawas  Evening in the city centre 17  
Stuart Martin  Christmas Light Trails 15  
Bill Salkeld  Birch whirl 16  
Ian Tasker  Panning Landscape 13  
Margaret Green  Manchester Central 14  
Gary Schultz  City Centre Cycling in Manchester 15  
Sian Hampson  Quid Est 13  
David Hardy  Light speed 14  
Les Stringer  Bullrushes 17  
David Royle  Flaming Grass 14  
David Higton  Dont txt and ride dear 16  
Michael Hilton  The Tram to Eccles 17  
Mary Dolan  Llandonna Beach 15  
Chris Hills  Bird box zoom 14  
Pat Sawas  Arndale centre shoppers 16  
Stuart Martin  Colour Explosion 17  
Bill Salkeld  High way 16  
Ian Tasker  Whirling Ash 14  
Margaret Green  The Ghost of Shankly 17  
Gary Schultz  Jazz Guitarist 14  
Sian Hampson  Neon trees 16  
David Hardy  Wheeee! 19 Second
Les Stringer  Shimmering Palace 16  
David Royle  Sweet Pea’s 17  
Michael Hilton  Cotebrooke Millpond at Sunset 15  
Mary Dolan  Snowdrops and Birch 15  
Chris Hills  The Jogger 18 Third
Pat Sawas  Abstract grasses 16  
Bill Salkeld  Extended Golf 16  
2018 Comp 2 General Colour
Held on 10th January 2018      
 Name Title Mark Award
Brian Smith  What about me, Mum 15  
Les Stringer  The Old Man of Storr 17  
Mary Dolan  Autumn Gold 15  
Chris Hills In a spin 14  
Michael Hilton  Laig Beach, Eigg 14  
Gary Schultz  No, I don’t think so 19 2nd
Siân Hampson Notes to strangers 16  
Margaret Green  The Old Town, Menton 15  
David Royle  Trio of pears 17  
David Hardy  Last resting place 16  
John O’Brien Spanish handbag seller 15  
Pat Sawas  Evening trip to the funfair 15  
Brian Smith  Sea Dragon 17  
Les Stringer  Window int the industrial past 16  
Mary Dolan  Roughting Linn 18 3rd
Chris Hills Waiting at the lights 15  
Michael Hilton  Beach waterfall 17  
Gary Schultz  Number 5 16  
Siân Hampson The walkway 14  
Margaret Green  The liquorice stallholder 15  
David Royle  Calla Lily 17  
David Hardy  Gin o’clock 15  
John O’Brien Autumn colour 15  
Pat Sawas  Pretty Mediterranean style windows 16  
Mary Dolan  Catching the light 16  
Michael Hilton  Nant Mill Woods 17  
Gary Schultz  Danube sunset 16  
Margaret Green  Too icy for cycling 16  
David Royle  Wild flowers 20 1st
David Hardy  N’er cast a clout 15  
John O’Brien Last minute grooming before the stag do! 16  
Pat Sawas  Farrier at work 16  
2018 Comp 2 Reflection
Held on 10th January 2018      
 Name Title Mark Award
David Royle  City Reflections 20 1st
Siân Hampson Reflections on New York 15  
Margaret Green  Reflections, Salford Quays 16  
David Hardy  Reflected Helibores 14  
Gary Schultz  Margaret 17  
Michael Hilton  Auray World 16  
Les Stringer  Impressionist reflection 16  
Chris Hills  Tree reflection 17  
Brian Smith  Dunham Massey in Autumn 16  
Mary Dolan  Swan, looking for gold 16  
Pat Sawas  Cast no shadow 17  
David Royle  Reflection in the mist 18 3rd
Siân Hampson Reflecting the breakfast room and the garden 16  
Margaret Green  Reflections at dusk, Amsterdam 16  
David Hardy  Fractured reflection 16  
Gary Schultz  “Time for reflection”, Holocaust memorial, Riga 16  
Michael Hilton  Sky ship 15  
Les Stringer  Three for the price of one 15  
Chris Hills  Playing to the crowd 15  
Mary Dolan  Rhosneigr reflections 17  
Pat Sawas  Reflected signage 16  
David Royle  Reflections of Paris 17  
Siân Hampson The Goose 16  
Margaret Green  Barber shop reflections 15  
David Hardy  Bridge 21 15  
Gary Schultz  Back in time 15  
Brian Smith  Two of a kind 16  
Les Stringer  Reflections on her wedding day 19 2nd
Mary Dolan  Reflecting Coot! 17  
Pat Sawas  Puddle reflection 15  

Competition #1 – dpi Mono
Held on 22 November 2017    
Judge: Geoff Reader    
Name Title Score Award
Ian Tasker  Green Park (decommissioned) Railway Station, Bath 16  
Michael Hilton  Within the Grid 15  
Margaret Green  The Storr, The Isle of Skye 18  
Ken Stables  Fingals Cave 15  
David Royle  Boat 19 Third
Bill Salkeld  Taking the shot 16  
John Obrien  It’s about the Mustache 17  
Brian Smith  The Local Store 14  
Gary Schultz  Having a Laugh 15  
David Higton  The Grand Canal 16  
David Hardy  Cafe society 16  
Sian Hampson  Twixt the ‘Pool and the ‘Head 14  
Mary Dolan  Arches, Liverpool Cathedral 14  
Dave Robinson  Nick 16  
PAT Sawas  A Southbank view of the City of London 17  
Chris Hills  lakeside fairy 14  
John O’Brien  The path to Grassington 17  
LES Stringer  Mary’s shell 17  
Michael Hilton  Roadside Frozen Tree 15  
Margaret Green  Taking in the View 15  
Ken Stables  Iona Cloisters 14  
David Royle  Building point 17  
Bill Salkeld  Off New Brighton 14  
Brian Smith  Yet another Bird on a stick 17  
Gary Schultz  Victorian Neo-Classical Columns of the Central Library Liverpool 16  
David Higton  White Edge Trees 16  
David Hardy  Do you have the time 16  
Sian Hampson  Ophelia’s scorn 16  
Mary Dolan  Rescued 16  
Dave Robinson  Night in Trafalgar Square 17  
PAT Sawas  Skateboarder’s runway 14  
Chris Hills  Blackpool Tower 20 First
John O’Brien  The Roaches 16  
LES Stringer  Commando memorial 17  
Michael Hilton  The Tower 15  
Margaret Green  Operatic Busking 14  
Ken Stables  Iona Meditation 17  
David Royle  Eye 18  
Bill Salkeld  Fork and pots 14  
Gary Schultz  Seniors Meeting Place 14  
David Higton  Enjoying the Tube home 16  
David Hardy  Sun on the water 14  
Sian Hampson  Swans 14  
Mary Dolan  Stormy clouds, Derwentwater 17  
Dave Robinson  Man Reading 19 Second
PAT Sawas  View from Three Shires Head copy 14  
Chris Hills  waiting for the tide 14  
Competition #1 – dpi – Set subject – Technology
Held on 22 November 2017    
Judge: Geoff Reader    
Name Title Score Award
Brian Smith  Redundant Technology 15  
Dave Robinson  Auto Technology C.1950s 17  
Gary Schultz  Computer Technology 17  
PAT Sawas  Close up view of a Weft knitting machine 20 First
Michael Hilton  Close Encounter 16  
David Royle  Inside Technology 15  
Ian Tasker  Image Acquisition and Display 17  
Sian Hampson  The wheel of industry 15  
Chris Hills  light fingered 19 Third
LES Stringer  Turbine technology 15  
David Higton  Tractor Talk 15  
Mary Dolan  A peep at the Lovell Telescope 17  
Bill Salkeld  Tim Peakes spacecraft 14  
David Hardy  AMG 18  
Margaret Green  Choosing a Smartwatch 15  
Ken Stables  Cherry Picking Painting 14  
Brian Smith  1960s Aviation Technology 14  
Dave Robinson  Confused Technology 18  
Gary Schultz  Barista Technology 17  
PAT Sawas  Technologys hold on us 17  
Michael Hilton  44×6 14  
David Royle  Weaving Technology 17  
Sian Hampson  Loom in motion 17  
Chris Hills  Apple iPod 16  
LES Stringer  A window into another world 16  
David Higton  Birmingham Small Arms 16  
Mary Dolan  Steam Crane 16  
Bill Salkeld  Do unexpected things 15  
David Hardy  Number 5 round 17  
Margaret Green  The Meccano Liver Bird 14  
Ken Stables  Dulcimer Player 15  
Brian Smith  But where’s the OFF switch 15  
Dave Robinson  Thread winding 16  
Gary Schultz  New Kodak Technology 1888 14  
PAT Sawas  Artistic representation of old aeronautical technologhy 15  
Michael Hilton  Listening 17  
David Royle  Communication – Old style 14  
Sian Hampson  Harnessing steam 19 Second
Chris Hills  old-tech dryer 14  
LES Stringer  Diesel technology 17  
David Higton  Red Pipes 16  
Mary Dolan  Sorry!, Communication is tied up 16  
Bill Salkeld  Too much choice 14  
David Hardy  The modern bike 17  
Margaret Green  Monstrous Cranes 16  
Ken Stables  Ice Cold Cola 16