Monthly Comp Results 2018-19

2018-19 Competition 3 Open Mono DPI
Held on 5 December 2018      
Name Title Mark Award
Ian Tasker  Seen Better Days, Lock 88 Rochdale Canal 15  
Gary Schultz  Sorting the Drugs 15  
Pat Sawas  I spy dinner ahead 16  
Mary Dolan  Sycamore Gap 16  
Margaret Green  The Postman 17  
Bill Salkeld  The winding drum 17  
David Hardy  Peerless 13  
Brian Smith  CanalWalk 18  
David Royle  Crosby Beach 12  
Sian Hampson  Beyond the Deepening Shadow 19 3rd
LES Stringer  Lakeside 18  
Nick Jones  Home for three 13  
Chris Hills  Nighthawks 15  
John O’brien  You’re Joking 12  
Michael Hilton  Chapel Vitaleta 15  
Ian Tasker  Opportunists on the Lookout 16  
Gary Schultz  The A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima 15  
Pat Sawas  St Tromphine Church in Arles 18  
Mary Dolan  Tryfan 15  
Margaret Green  The Eye 16  
Bill Salkeld  Flying High 17  
David Hardy  Liverpool library 13  
Brian Smith  ULLSWATER 14  
David Royle  Stand against the Windmills 15  
Sian Hampson  Lake Louise 15  
LES Stringer  Stormy mountains 14  
Nick Jones  Deep in the zone 13  
Chris Hills  Roberts Bakery Band 17  
John Obrien  Enigmatic Smile 18  
Michael Hilton  Gateway Arch St Louis 18  
Ian Tasker  The 1528 from Chester 15  
Gary Schultz  The Lisbon Coast 12  
Pat Sawas  Time to Catch up on the news 20 1st
Mary Dolan  Stormy Penmon 17  
Margaret Green  All The Lonely People 18  
Bill Salkeld  No play today 19 2nd
David Hardy  The Old Council Office 14  
David Royle  Erosion 14  
Sian Hampson  Lest We Forget 1914-18 15  
LES Stringer  The rain in Spain 17  
Chris Hills  Concentration 17  
John Obrien  Sigh No More 15  
Michael Hilton  Ripples in the Sand 18  
2018-19 Competition 3 Food or Product DPI
Held on 5 December 2018      
Name Title Mark Award
Bill Salkeld  Aston Martin 13  
Pat Sawas  Allure by Chanel 17  
Mary Dolan  Waterproof Camera 17  
Chris Hills  Sunlight 13  
Michael Hilton  Four in a Bed 15  
Margaret Green  Artichokes For Sale 16  
David Hardy  Peppers 15  
Brian Smith  Colourful Cleansers 16  
Gary Schultz  Tuna Sandwich Anyone 16  
John O’brien  Merry Christmas (other pies are available) 20 2nd
Ian Tasker  Ripening Barley 14  
David Royle  Asparagus 13  
LES Stringer  A taste of Italy 16  
Sian Hampson  Citrus 18  
Bill Salkeld  Fur jacket 12  
PAT Sawas  The healthier refreshment option 14  
Mary Dolan  Cabbage Leaf 18  
Chris Hills  Healthy living 18  
Michael Hilton  The Kiss 16  
Margaret Green  The Fruit and Veg Stall 17  
David Hardy  Odd one out 19  
Brian Smith  Fruitful 14  
Gary Schultz  Making Okonomiaki 19  
John Obrien  Nesspresso 18  
Ian Tasker  Vine Tomatoes 14  
David Royle  Apples & Pears 15  
LES Stringer  For that special lady 16  
Sian Hampson  Lemon 14  
Bill Salkeld  Antique selection 13  
PAT Sawas  One in a million 15  
Mary Dolan  Strawberry Fizz 18  
Chris Hills  Condiments of the Season 18  
Michael Hilton  On a Hot Summers Day 15  
Margaret Green  Food Hall, Altrincham Market 20 1st
David Hardy  If Warhol had been British 14  
Gary Schultz  Takeaway Fish Japanese Style 15  
John Obrien  5 Pound Each 13  
Ian Tasker  Satsuma and Lemons in a Silver Bowl 16  
David Royle  A Fine Catch 13  
LES Stringer  Good health! 17  
Sian Hampson  Are you going to Scarborough Fair 19 3rd
2018-19 Competition 2 Open Mono PRINT
Name Title Score Award
Ian Tasker The Source of the Mersey 15  
Michael Hilton Worcester College, Oxford 16  
Alan Angel Stream and Rocks 14  
Pat Sawas Passing through St. Peter’s Sq. 18 3rd
Brian Smith Street Jazz 13  
John O’Brien The Grand Canal 16  
Les Stringer Calla Lily 18  
David Royle Light and Dark 17  
Gary Schultz Cabo Da Roca 17  
David Hardy The Old Rugged Cross 13  
Mary Dolan Standing Stones, Callanish 14  
Ian Tasker Fast Food Supper 12  
Michael Hilton The Thinkers 18  
Alan Angel Trees and Clouds 12  
Pat Sawas Shadow, Shadow on the wall… 17  
Brian Smith New Orleans 15  
John O’Brien The Sidings 17  
Les Stringer Reflections on the Lake 19 2nd
David Royle Hanging On 16  
Gary Schultz The Tile Museum, Lisbon 16  
David Hardy If Escher went to Liverpool 17  
Mary Dolan Stormy Weather, Isle of Skye 17  
Ian Tasker Cafe Culture, Beziers 12  
Alan Angel Wallace 15  
Pat Sawas Counting the Pennies 13  
David Royle One Man and his Dog 20 1st
Gary Schultz A Storm Brewing 14  
David Hardy Large White 12  
Mary Dolan Break in the Clouds 17  
2018-19 Competition 2 Long Exposure PRINT
Name Title Score Award
Ian Tasker Across the Knutsford Road 16  
Michael Hilton The Flow of Time 17  
Pat Sawas Waterfall at Styal Mill 17  
John O’Brien Cauldron Falls 17  
Les Stringer Mersey Gateway 17  
David Royle Break Waters 18  
Gary Schultz The Red Moon 13  
David Hardy Windmills in the Rain 11  
Mary Dolan Rylands Library 18  
Ian Tasker Isabelle by Lesley Williams 12  
Michael Hilton Bamboo Cyanotype on Fabric 17  
Pat Sawas The BBC – A Different Perspective 17  
John O’Brien Yorkshire Falls 17  
Les Stringer Church by the Lake 19 2nd
David Royle Ebbing Tide 18 3rd
Gary Schultz Northern Lights Above the Arctic Cathedral 15  
David Hardy Warp Speed in Wilmslow 13  
Mary Dolan Fairy Pools 17  
Ian Tasker Through the Windscreen, Grimly 12  
Michael Hilton Rhydymwyn Tunnels, Chemical Weapon Storage Facility 12  
Pat Sawas An Impressionistic Inspired View of Piccadilly Food Markets 17  
David Royle Close of the Day 20 1st
Gary Schultz Partial Solar Eclipse 16  
David Hardy Dodgems 12  
Mary Dolan Penmon 18  
2018-19 Competition 1 Colour DPI
Held on 17 October 2018    
Name Title Mark Award
John O’brien  American Classic 15  
Margaret Green  Back Street Arles 17  
Adrian Hazeldine  Flag 13  
Ian Tasker  Anti-Trump Protest 17  
Pat Sawas  Late evening at Salford Quays 17  
Michael Hilton  Dark Before Dawn 17  
Mary Dolan  Mute Swan 17  
David Hardy  After the shower 13  
Gary Schultz  Shukkeien Gardens Hiroshima 14  
David Royle  Amongs the Sweetpeas 17  
Brian Smith  A walk in the park 17  
Chris Hills  Three billboards in Kyrenia, Cyprus 14  
Sian Hampson  Glass and steel 17  
Tom Einstein  Flam Railway Apparition 17  
Les Stringer  Balancing Act 16  
Bill Salkeld  Sailboarding PR 16  
John Obrien  Focus on the Eye 17  
Margaret Green  Anchored Street Lamp, Villefranche 17  
Adrian Hazeldine  Crossing the canal 13  
Ian Tasker  The Boys from the Band in Beziers 17  
Pat Sawas  Into the spotlight 17  
Michael Hilton  Mystic Landscape 17  
Mary Dolan  Time to head home 16  
David Hardy  Diva 15  
Gary Schultz  World Museum Liverpool 15  
David Royle  Sunset 20 1st
Brian Smith  Which one would you like 15  
Chris Hills  The Deep End 14  
Sian Hampson  Pier at sunset 17  
Les Stringer  Beautiful Gerbera 19 2nd
Bill Salkeld  Evening sun ,Long Sutton 17  
John Obrien  Somewhere Quiet to Practice 16  
Margaret Green  The Ochre Forest 17  
Adrian Hazeldine  Morning freight 14  
Ian Tasker  The Final Furlong 15  
Pat Sawas  The stare 15  
Michael Hilton  Agapanthus 17  
Mary Dolan  Cathedral Cove 17  
David Hardy  Welcome Wheel 17  
Gary Schultz  The Lone Tree 16  
David Royle  Saltburn Beach 17  
Chris Hills  Drone launch 16  
Sian Hampson  Fountains 15  
Les Stringer  On a calm autumn morning 18 3rd
Bill Salkeld  Lumsdale waterfall 16  
2018-19 Competition 1 Portrait DPI
Held on 17 October 2018    
Author Title  Mark Award
David Hardy  Pam 15  
John Obrien  The Beamish Train Driver 17  
Sian Hampson  Holywood Glamour 15  
Barbara Cook  Thinking 17  
Chris Hills  Actors at the Green Room Theatre 17  
Bill Salkeld  Elizabeth 14  
Brian Smith  Proud Dad 16  
Les Stringer  Cha Wallah 15  
Margaret Green  The Mexican 16  
Michael Hilton  Tonia 20 1st
PAT Sawas  Jasper 17  
Gary Schultz  Beautiful Japanese Woman 16  
Ian Tasker  The Demonstrator 15  
Mary Dolan  Paul 17  
David Royle  Sisters 17  
David Hardy  Sally 14  
John Obrien  Proud to Drive a Steam Roller 17  
Sian Hampson  The Beefeater 17  
Barbara Cook  Together 19 2nd
Chris Hills  Judo kids 15  
Bill Salkeld  The Guitarist 16  
Brian Smith  BeardFace 13  
Les Stringer  Generations Together 15  
Margaret Green  Dressed To Impress 15  
Michael Hilton  Dancer 17  
PAT Sawas  Kate the Taxidermist 15  
Gary Schultz  Hannah and the Boys 17  
Ian Tasker  The Accordioniste 16  
Mary Dolan  Measuring the depth 16  
David Royle  Reflecting 16  
David Hardy  Skip 17  
John Obrien  Full of Character 18 3rd
Sian Hampson  The fire eater 13  
Barbara Cook  She 17  
Chris Hills  Peasant woman 17  
Bill Salkeld  Cambridge rider 14  
Les Stringer  Giggs 17  
Margaret Green  Family Portrait 16  
Michael Hilton  World War 1 Soldier 16  
PAT Sawas  Spanish Gypsy beggarwoman 17  
Gary Schultz  Young Woman with her Sugar Daddy 16  
Ian Tasker  The Violinist 17  
Mary Dolan  Mick the Fisherman 16  
David Royle  A story to tell 17