Lightroom cc / Lightroom 6

The new version of Lightroom was released yesterday (21/4/15)

If you are subscribed to Adobe Cloud you will obviously get the upgrade automatically but for those of you who wish to you can still buy the standalone version … but it’s perhaps not entirely obvious how you do it as Adobe is obviously keen to promote the CC version.

To buy/upgrade go to Adobe’s Lightroom product page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and look for the “buy now” button in the box for Lightroom 6 Standalone.  It will default to the full version with a price (as of this moment) of £103.88.  Once it’s in your cart, you can click the “Edit” button in the upper right to change it to an upgrade version for £59.09 (you need to specify your current version in the dropdown) – upgrade pricing is available to anyone who owns any version of Lightroom 1 through 5.  These links are only for Adobe’s “ESD” (Electronic Software Download) version, which lets you download the installer online, but does not include physical media.

If you would like some information about what’s in release 6 …

The LightroomQueen (a good site for all things Lightroom)

Jeffrey Friedl – A personal view (author of excellent plugins)