For the first meeting of 2020 the packed audience were thoroughly entertained by Neil Hulme and his presentation “Moments in Mono”.

Neil started by explaining about having taken up photography some eight years ago and having ‘found’ his preference for a minimalist long exposure black and white style and the photographers, for example, Michael Kenna and Rohan O’Reilly who provided inspiration. He then took us on a journey of favourite locations from ‘a ten minute walk from home’ to his beloved Venice. He demonstrated over and over again that within a few minutes walk and certainly a few hours drive, for example, to the Wirral, North Wales and the Fylde Coast, there are so many potential photographic subjects but ….you just have to have the vision to see them.

The audience were fascinated as he explained his ‘unsophisticated’ post processing method which he demonstrated on several of his images which invariably resulted in an uncluttered and simple composition with a delicate tonal range.

Neil’s amusing anecdotes kept the audience smiling and his modest and humble attitude to his photographic achievements kept them absorbed as he walked us through his wonderful images.

A really enjoyable evening was had by all!

Neil’s work can be seen on, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.