Photo exhibition – Manchester 25 – 29 Jan

We had notification of an exhibition:

WHERE: St James House, 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4DZ

WHEN: Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th January 2017, open daily from 10am to 3pm

WHAT: Photography is a great means of storytelling and it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, anyone can take a photograph, but telling a rich story through photography is another matter.

By using a camera to tell a visual story, you not only capture a moment in time, you also suggest an underlying narrative that hints at something much bigger.

Our Stories is an exhibition devoted to documentary photography, which is often used to chronicle significant events or environments, historical events and everyday life.

COST: Entry is free – No tickets required

WHO: Anyone who you think may enjoy a photographic exhibition!


(Please note that dates may be subject to change. We advise you to check our website for the latest information prior to attendance. Only a selection of photographs from this exhibition will be shown in each gallery. As such, not every photograph will be guaranteed to feature in each location along the tour. Please contact us for more information. Disabled visitors are advised to check with us, before visiting an exhibition, that suitable access can be provided).