Project Group. Next meeting  Friday 18th May at 7.30 pm

Last Friday’s meeting  saw a wide variety of images from those present and others who were unable to attend. The Multiple Exposure theme was most interesting with in camera double and multiple exposures (depends on the camera model), post processing overlays, panorama stitches and photo stacking all appearing. The long term unusual and humorous themes also had us laughing. Amusing images are welcome at any time.

The next themes are,

  1. Gritty Monochrome. Interpret this as gritty/grainy/noisy images made in camera or PP. They will lack fine detail therefore rely on shape and form, they could easily be, as in film days a tiny portion of an image which has been greatly enlarged. Monochrome does not necessarily mean Black and white, it can be any colour (and white?)
  2. ‘Take a self portrait in the style of a well-known photographer’.  (Drawn from the theme card pack)   Time now to study the books or the internet to find something suitable to recreate. You don’t have to stop at one attempt but please include a copy of the original to add to the interest.  

Its up to you now. 

Bill Salkeld