WGPS Project Group. Friday 3rd January 2020

Next meeting 7.30pm Friday 3rd January 2020. Note, as the Guild is closed, access will be at the rear of the building. Usual room upstairs.
The subjects are :
1. Meal Appeal. We are looking for tempting photographs of food as might be seen in a glossy magazine advertisement or as an illustration in a recipe book.
2. Autumn. Our longer term project. Please limit your entries to 20 images. If you have more, you could put them in a separate folder and we can view them if time permits.
If anyone has missed showing images from a previous theme or has anything else to show of general interest we will try to fit them in.
Looking ahead,
The 7th February 2020 meeting will be a Practical Evening, Focus Stacking and Macro being the themes. All club members are welcome. Further details to follow in January.