First Zoom competition

The competition season got underway last night, our first one using Zoom.  From a technical point of view, all went well. There were two sections, open colour and a splash of colour. There was a wide variety of images and congratulation to Les Stringer and Bill Salkeld for their winning photos.  All the results are shown here and the top 3 images in each section are in the 2020-21 gallery

Planned programme for 20/21

Adrian emailed members – here’s the detail in case you didn’t get the email.
I hope that everyone is keeping well and enjoying this hot weather that we’re having and well done to those of you who managed to take some photos of the lightning storm the other night!

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch and also for the many ideas for content that you’ve been sending through. 

Next season’s Programme

Les has been working hard on contacting /confirming previously booked speakers and booking replacements as needed and Mary has been doing the same for the competition judges.

We have initially concentrated on the programme through to Christmas as we have taken the decision that all of our regular content will be delivered via Zoom for this period to give us some clarity for planning. We will of course be monitoring the situation closely and discussing with you when we feel it’s appropriate for us to restart the physical meetings again.

 I have provisionally booked the large hall on two dates – the 20th October and 17th November (both are Tuesday evenings). Given the size of the large hall we would be able to safely run a meeting there if enough members wish to attend – I’ll ask for numbers nearer the time so that we can see how many would be happy to come along. These evenings would be additional to the main online programme and would be a members’ evening of some sort or perhaps a project group?


We’ll continue working on the programme and will send updates periodically.

Competition Programme 20/21

Whilst the themes are as previously communicated, we have moved ‘Seascapes’ to mid-season rather than being the first theme – to recognise the fact that getting to the coast has been more difficult in recent months!
Mary has opened up all the monthly competitions on PhotoEntry so those of you who are super organised can start loading your entries for the whole season! Some of us will be more last minute……….

Wilmslow Guild

Our membership for 20/21 is open on the Guild’s website and you should be able to renew your membership online as usual.

Anyone non-members interested in joining – please get in touch using the contact details on the webpage

Themes for 2020 – 2021 competitions – update 12th Aug

The themes for next season’s competitions are below.

Monthly Competition Themes
Competition 1
Part 1 – Open Colour
Part 2 – Set subject: Splash of colour
Competition 2
Part 1 – Open Mono
Part 2 – Set subject: Urban Life
Competition 3
Part 1 – Open Mono
Part 2 – Set subject: Industrial
Competition 4
Part 1 – Open Colour
Part 2 – Set subject: Seascapes
Competition 5
Part 1 – Open Colour
Part 2 – Set subject: Surrealist
Competition 6
Part 1 – Open Mono
Part 2 – Set subject: Windows

WGPS Project group – Friday 7th February

WGPS Project Group – Next Meeting Friday 7th February 2020 at 7.30pm. Upstairs rooms.

This will be a practical evening looking at close-up and macro photography. As usual, it is open to any club member.

David Higton will open the evening with an explanation and demonstration of focus stacking. This will include taking the pictures and processing it in the computer.

Following that, members can split into small groups and work on their own subjects on individual tables. Results can be processed on the evening or later to be shown at the next meeting.

Ideally you will need to bring along:
1. Camera and suitable lens for close ups/macro. I will have a selection of lenses and improvised close up equipment available for those who may wish to try them.
2. Tripod
3. Suitable small subjects for photographing. We can swap them around during the evening.
4. Portable lighting, be it flash, desk lamps, LED torches or photo lamps. White card, crumpled kitchen foil on a board or other reflector. Black card to reduce light spill.
5. A background, be it paper, card, cloth , a light tent or……
6. Blue-tack, bulldog clips, masking tape, patience, imagination and a sense of humour and anything else you think useful.
6. Laptop with suitable software installed to process and stack photos.


For the first meeting of 2020 the packed audience were thoroughly entertained by Neil Hulme and his presentation “Moments in Mono”.

Neil started by explaining about having taken up photography some eight years ago and having ‘found’ his preference for a minimalist long exposure black and white style and the photographers, for example, Michael Kenna and Rohan O’Reilly who provided inspiration. He then took us on a journey of favourite locations from ‘a ten minute walk from home’ to his beloved Venice. He demonstrated over and over again that within a few minutes walk and certainly a few hours drive, for example, to the Wirral, North Wales and the Fylde Coast, there are so many potential photographic subjects but ….you just have to have the vision to see them.

The audience were fascinated as he explained his ‘unsophisticated’ post processing method which he demonstrated on several of his images which invariably resulted in an uncluttered and simple composition with a delicate tonal range.

Neil’s amusing anecdotes kept the audience smiling and his modest and humble attitude to his photographic achievements kept them absorbed as he walked us through his wonderful images.

A really enjoyable evening was had by all!

Neil’s work can be seen on, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

WGPS Project Group. Friday 3rd January 2020

Next meeting 7.30pm Friday 3rd January 2020. Note, as the Guild is closed, access will be at the rear of the building. Usual room upstairs.
The subjects are :
1. Meal Appeal. We are looking for tempting photographs of food as might be seen in a glossy magazine advertisement or as an illustration in a recipe book.
2. Autumn. Our longer term project. Please limit your entries to 20 images. If you have more, you could put them in a separate folder and we can view them if time permits.
If anyone has missed showing images from a previous theme or has anything else to show of general interest we will try to fit them in.
Looking ahead,
The 7th February 2020 meeting will be a Practical Evening, Focus Stacking and Macro being the themes. All club members are welcome. Further details to follow in January.

Monthly Competition – November 2019 – Open Colour


Michael Hilton’s excellent image,“One More Time”,  was rightly judged into first place in the Open Colour Section of November Monthly Competition.

The print competition was well supported with a great variety of types of photograph being entered.


This variety was recognised in David Royle’s “Wild Flowers’ which was placed second.






The judge, John Riley, then awarded Les Stringer’s impressionistic image “Lone Tree” third place.

Generally the entries were of a high standard and John Riley’s critique was helpful to all entrants by explaining what constituted a ‘strong’ competition image and suggesting areas for improvement on individual images.

For full results click on  to “COMPETITIONS”.

Competition rules

The rules and guidance have been updated to reflect the current status, to clarify the defination of monochrome and to update the Annual Competition category from Natural History to Nature as used by the PAGB and L&CPU. The new rules can be found here

WGPS Project Group update

Following a successful first meeting the next one will take place on Friday 1st November at 7.30pm. There will be a slight change to the normal challenges, as follows:

For 1st November,
1. Motion. As usual the interpretation is up to you but you might consider, moving subjects of any sort , human or mechanical, intentional camera movement, long exposure, flash with slow speed sync or ……..?

2. Birds eye view. This is really a non-competitive preview for the main club competition which will give you the opportunity to have your images critiqued before other club members who may be able to suggest refinements based on their experiences.

For 3 January;
Autumn. A longer term project to enable us to get the best out of the change of season without rushing it as we have done previously. The colours have started to appear already so start anytime you wish.

Just a reminder that one of the aims of the group is to get you to go out and take fresh pictures rather than dig into archives. (Rules can be broken sometimes though).
If everyone sticks to a reasonable number of images to last around 5 minutes it will give us a chance to make some comments/try alternatives and also ensure everyone gets to show their images on the night.


Project group dates

Dates for project group have been organised for Oct – Feb. They are on the club website!

Topics for the first meeting are “Orange” and “Summer”. Plenty of time to take photos for Orange….and technically, it is still summer!

Results of Annual PRINT Competitions

Following the Judge’s review yesterday the results of the Annual DPI competitions are available here

Special congratulations to Barbara Cook for a magnificent sweep across Colour, Mono and Portraits with some stunning images.

Success at Southport Exhibition

Three members of the Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society, had their prints accepted in the Members Exhibition of the 72nd Southport National Open Exhibition of Photography and displayed in the beautiful setting of Wayfarers Arcade in Southport.  Southport has long been a leading National Photographic Exhibition and the overall quality of entry was very high, with 504 entrants submitting over 4000 entries in total this year.

The Photographic Society was especially pleased that Barbara Cook’s print ‘Together’ came first in the Open Colour print section, winning the Golden Jubilee Trophy. Her print ‘Snow Urchin’ did very well in the exhibition and won a Ribbon award. Barbara also had her print ‘Marta’ accepted.

The two other successful members with print acceptances were Les Stringer, with his print ‘Young Monks’ and Margaret Green with ‘Mont Blanc’.  The Society thanked Margaret for co-ordinating our entries and also organising a Society visit to Southport to view the exhibition.

left to right: Margaret Green, Les Stringer and Barbara Cook

Together by Barbara Cook
Snow Urchin by Barbara Cook
Mont Blanc by Margaret Green
Young Monk by Les Stringer
Marta by Barbara Cook






2018 -19 Comp #6 Results PRINT

Results from this and previous competitions are available here

Another enjoyable evening viewing another set of top notch images.

Hold your breath for the results of the Photographer of the Year Competition to be announced at our next meeting – the final scores are VERY tight – reflecting the high quality of entries in all this years comps.

Project Group – next meeting Friday 26 April

We have Peter R to thank for suggesting the next two themes, as usual you can enter images for either or both  themes. Resizing the images to 1600 x 1200 pixels is not critical for the Project Group but necessary if you want to use them for club competition purposes.

The interpretation is up to you, both subjects lend themselves to using either observed or contrived (sorry created) pictures.

1. Broken

2. Clashing Colour

Bill Salkeld


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