Chairman’s blog – November 21st


I hope you’ve all been enjoying the autumn colours and have been able to get out and about with your camera.  I’m now back from my travels and like to thank Michael and Dave for hosting previous meetings along with everyone who helped try and get the technology working. Thanks also to the speakers at last week’s meeting.

Next week’s meeting

Looking forward to the next meeting this is a talk by Steve Proctor – ‘Power & Poise’. We will be meeting in the Guild as normal and will try (once again) to share the meeting via Zoom. Let’s hope we have better luck than previous weeks.

Co-op Community Fund – Raising money for the Guild

Ali has sent the following message:

I‘m writing to tell you that The Guild has been selected as one of Co-op’s CommunitIy Fund causes in our area. Co-op membership card holders can raise funds for the Guild every time they shop and swipe their card.
It’s super important to select the Guild as your cause on the App, via their Website or by calling 0800 0686 727 (It doesn’t matter if you live in Wilmslow)
This is our cause page: Co-op (


We are still looking for volunteers to help with the IT for the meetings in the Guild. At the moment, this falls to a very select band so please volunteer to learn and help get everything ready.  We would also like more help on the general committee to share the workload.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you on Wednesday.