Competition Information

Summary of Requirements for Prints

  •  the mount size must be 50 x 40 cm
  • no tape of any description on the back of the mounts
  • maximum mount thickness must not exceed 4 mm
  • backing boards should be of a similar size to the front mount
  •  a mounted print which might damage other entries is unacceptable

Summary of Requirements for DPI Images

The requirements below are for images submitted on a memory stick ONLY. Members are strongly encouraged to submit images via the on-line  portal … instructions are on the dedicated page 

(Images can be still be submitted on memory sticks but the on-line system  is simpler and faster for both you and the competition secretary)

  • image size:  In 2017-18 we moved to the new L&CPU 1600px × 1200px format.  All images must now be submitted in this format
  • images must be in jpeg format
  • images should have a sRGB colour space
Image naming (for memory sticks ONLY)
  • images should be provided on a memory stick
    (please remember to put your name on the stick for identification)
  • images must be be within a folder named for the Competition inside a folder named for the author … e.g.  “Chris Hills/Colour/”
    … the folder must only contain competition entries
  • the file names must
    a) be prefixed with a 1_, 2_ , 3_ etc, and
    b) the file name must be the title as the author want it displayed
    …. 1_The Winner.jpg
    … 2_Nearly There!.jpg
    … 3_The Filler.jpg

If you have ANY queries about the requirements, or how to meet them, please speak to your friendly COMMITTEE MEMBER.

 For more detailed information see:

Competition Rules & Guidance

Competition Rules and Guidance Issued Aug 2017 (PDF)

Annual Competition Announcement

2017 Annual Competition Announcement (PDF)

Monthly Competition Entry Form

Monthly Competition Entry Form (PDF)
Monthly Competition Entry Form (Word)

Annual Competition Entry Form

Annual Competition Entry Form (PDF)
Annual Competition Entry Form (Word)