Monthly Comp Results 2015 – 16

Comp #6 – Open – Print – Colour(4 May 2016)

Alan Angel ‘San’ Woman, Burma 17  
Pat Sawas Amble amongst the bluebells 16  
Mary Dolan Canyonlands, Utah 16  
Brian Smith Into the blue 17.5  
John O’Brien The Great Orme Coast 15  
David Royle Sunset over mosque 13  
Les Stringer Life on the street 16  
Pat Sawas Homage to Mondrian 14  
Barbara Cook Modern child 20 1st
Mary Dolan Rocky Mountains, Colorado 17  
Keith Pritchard Jaffa sunrise 19 2nd
John O’Brien Misty resting place 14  
David Royle Trio of tulips 17  
Barbara Cook Blurred threat 16  
Les Stringer Young Indian girl 13  
Pat Sawas Frozen stream 15  
Alan Angel Women builders, Burma 17  
David Royle Cairo skyline 13  
John O’Brien On Golden Pond 15  
Keith Pritchard Before the tourists 15  
Mary Dolan Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 18 3rd
Alan Angel Leopard on the prowl 16  
Michael Hilton New Media City 16  
Brian Smith Cat nap 14  
Les Stringer In the early morning light 17.5  
Keith Pritchard The early morning pushback 15  

Comp #6 – Open – Print – Mono (4 May 2016)

Barbara Cook Just before the storm 19 2nd
Brian Smith Shapes and shades 14  
John O’Brien Lone tree 14  
Les Stringer Rialto Bridge 17  
Keith Pritchard Facets of the Louvre 17  
David Royle Mosque by night 15  
Pat Sawas Castlefield Locks 17  
Barbara Cook Grandma 18 3rd
John O’Brien It’s not fair!! 12  
Keith Pritchard Forty winks 16  
Pat Sawas Macclesfield, an elevated perspective 16  
Mary Dolan Goyt Valley 20 1st
David Royle Parallel lilies 14  
Michael Hilton St.George’s Hall 13  
David Royle To the Tower Bridge 14  
Barbara Cook Stare 15  
Pat Sawas Snowdrop patch in All Saints graveyard, Grindon 16  
John O’Brien Loving the outfit 16  
Brian Smith Man of the Church 13  
Keith Pritchard A row of romantic memories 16  
Les Stringer Norwegian winter 17.5  

Comp #5 – Open – DPI – Mono (30 Mar 2016)

Brian Smith Not quite Bradley Wiggins 15  
David Higton Betham Tower 18  
Bill Salkeld Misplaced Morgan 20 First
Chris Hills Ominous sky 12  
Pat Sawas Farmyard workhorse 16  
John Fallows The Church in the Sea 14  
Barbara Cook Rose 16  
Dave Griffiths Billy Bragg 17  
David Royle Discarded Feather 17  
John O’Brien Bruges 16  
Margaret Green Liverpool Central Library 16  
Les Stringer Storm clouds over the fjord 18  
Keith Pritchard Jaffa’s reflection 15  
Mary Dolan Winters day 15  
Brian Smith Shady side of the street 14  
David Higton Eye reflection 12  
Bill Salkeld Tree house,Peover 16  
Chris Hills Reservoir at Langley 12  
Pat Sawas Ferris wheel 14  
John Fallows Fylde Coast Wrecks 16  
Barbara Cook Tulips 16  
Dave Griffiths Early Light over Castleton 14  
David Royle Inner Tech 12  
John O’Brien Horse Brass 16  
Margaret Green Cooking Crepes 15  
Les Stringer Old Boathouse 14  
Keith Pritchard Unkept & unloved 17  
Mary Dolan Glimpse of sun 17  
David Higton Penmom Lighthouse 17  
Bill Salkeld Its like this 17  
Pat Sawas Hats and Shoes 15  
John Fallows The Shell 12  
Barbara Cook Hard Light 14  
Dave Griffiths Lost in thought 19 Second
David Royle Rose with dew 17  
John Obrien Kinder Scout and beyond 18 Third
Margaret Green Solitary Walk 16  
Les Stringer On grandma’s knee 17  
Keith Pritchard What do you see 14  
Mary Dolan Stormy clouds 16  

Comp #5 – Theme 2 – Close Up (30 Mar 2016)

Barbara Cook Forks in Love 16  
Bill Salkeld Classic camera detail 17  
Brian Smith close up but years apart 14  
Chris Hills Too close up for my liking 14  
Dave Griffiths Lily 12  
David Higton Space on the beach 12  
David Royle Close to the crowd 14  
John O’Brien Close up but not macro 16  
Keith Pritchard Cuddle up close 16  
Ken Stables Kitten 16  
Les Stringer Cow parsley 12  
Margaret Green Liver Bird and War Memorial 16  
Mary Dolan Curly horns 15  
Pat Sawas Textile manufacturing machine components 16  
Peter Roche Century Old Cedar 12  
Barbara Cook Flood 15  
Bill Salkeld Close up discussion 14  
Chris Hills Laying the pasta pipeline 14  
Dave Griffiths Fly 18 Third
David Higton Close up to the Walkie Talkie 16  
David Royle Keeping a close eye 17  
John O’Brien Valentine Day Rose 17  
Keith Pritchard Close to the action 16  
Les Stringer Pollenaise 15  
Margaret Green Deserted Swings 15  
Mary Dolan Autumn leaves 12  
Pat Sawas Assortment of sewing threads 14  
Peter Roche Copper Chrysanthemum 15  
Barbara Cook Calla 17  
Bill Salkeld Chardi 19 Second
Dave Griffiths Damselfly 17  
David Higton Euro in or out 16  
David Royle Seven spotted Lady bird 17  
John O’Brien Harley 20 First
Keith Pritchard Staying close together 16  
Les Stringer Forget me not 16  
Margaret Green Giraffe Feeding 15  
Mary Dolan fungi 15  
Pat Sawas Drivers view in a car wash 14  
Peter Roche Its minus 5 outside 15  

Comp #4 – Open -Print – Colour (2 Mar 2016)

Chris Hills Lift off 17  
David Royle Along for the ride 17  
Alan Angel Butterfly on an apple on a post 17  
Barbara Cook Smell of Zorro 17  
Pat Sawas Old trains at Cheddleton Station 15  
Keith Pritchard At rest 16  
Michael Hilton Cloudburst 17  
Les Stringer Goatherd – Rajastan 15  
Alan Angel Having a laugh 14  
Ian wilson Gizmo! 14  
John O’Brien Cyprus harbour 14  
Pat Sawas Autumn, the ‘Golden’ season 16  
Brian Smith A view of the past 16  
Chris Hills Pier view 15  
David Royle City sunset 17.5  
Les Stringer Seamstress – Myanmar 16  
Keith Pritchard Ladies of D’Orsay 18 3rd
Michael Hilton Sandscape 1 17  
Barbara Cook Feeding pigeons in Florence 17  
Les Stringer Fishermen – Myanmar 15  
David Royle Astronomical clock 19 2nd
Alan Angel Snow leopard 17  
John O’Brien Walking the plank 14  
Barbara Cook Bubble 16  
Pat Sawas Quaint shop front in Arles 17  
Brian Smith Colourful cathedral 15  
Chris Hills Summer on Scarborough Beach 14  
Michael Hilton Woman with the red hat 20 1st
Keith Pritchard Jaffa sunset 17  

Comp #3 – Open – Print – Mono (2 Mar 2016)

Keith Pritchard Starting the day shift 14  
Barbara Cook Promotion 17  
Les Stringer Lyme Hall 16  
David Royle The Crossing 15  
John O’Brien War Weary 17  
Pat Sawas Little Moreton Hall 17  
Brian Smith Fishing Village 15  
Keith Pritchard Wet Derbyshire Day 16  
Chris Hills Windy Promenade 14  
Michael Hilton Peta 16  
Alan Angel Folk Singer 17  
Brian Smith Lift Off 16  
David Royle The Clarinettist 15  
Les Stringer Venetian Alley 16  
Pat Sawas Shoreline at Ridgegate Reservoir 14  
Barbara Cook Daddy 20 1st
Keith Pritchard Guardian of the Musee 17  
Chris Hills Ewe two 15  
Ian Wilson Trunks and cases 16  
Les Stringer Dubrovnik at night 17  
John O’Brien Misty morning walk 14  
Barbara Cook Muppet drummer 18 3rd
Pat Sawas Maintenance Man 17  
Michael Hilton The Window 17.5  
Chris Hills What do you think of it so far? 15  
David Royle A Hidden Past 19 2nd

Comp #3- Open – DPI – Colour (10 Feb 2016)

Geoff Willis Well travelled 14  
Barbara Cook Robin Island 13  
Chris Hills Smile for the camera 14  
Brian Smith Loose Ball 14  
Gary Schultz Enjoying the good things in life 16  
Pat Sawas Close Call 17  
Keith Pritchard A walk on the beach 15  
Bill Salkeld Media City with impact 14  
Margaret Green A Run on the Beach 15  
Michael Hilton The Sea Wall 15  
David Royle Barn Owl at Rest 17  
Roger Hand Mountain rescue team save the day 17  
Mary Dolan Two frilly geese 17  
John Obrien The Black Rose (Zwartkop) 14  
Stuart Martin Easter Lily 14  
Les Stringer  London Bridge in the morning mist 18 Third
Dave Griffiths Waiting for the Rush 14  
Ken Stables Butterfly 16  
Ian Wilson Rossmere 15  
David Higton Snowdonia 17  
Barbara Cook Life in Shacks 16  
Chris Hills Morris Dancing 15  
Brian Smith Tangoed 15  
Gary Schultz The Butler 15  
Pat Sawas Milestone at Parsonage Gardens 14  
Keith Pritchard Honey bee 17  
Bill Salkeld Styal Autumn 15  
Margaret Green Liverpool Skyline 14  
Michael Hilton A Puffin Landing on a Cliff by Flying Backwards 17  
David Royle Duet 16  
Roger Hand Sunrise 3.20 a.m Jotenheimen N.P, Norway 13  
Mary Dolan deer in the mist 17  
John Obrien Permission to come aboard 16  
Stuart Martin Cymbidium Orchid 14  
Les Stringer Moon rise at Vestrahorn 15  
Dave Griffiths Blowing the Blues 17  
Ken Stables Sperm whale 15  
Ian Wilson Evening Shadows 15  
David Higton Chillin at Hemmingways 15  
Barbara Cook Summer Holiday 16  
Gary Schultz Lunchtime Rendezvous 15  
Pat Sawas Traditional Gypsy Styling at Saintes Maries de la Mer Festival 14  
Keith Pritchard  (My) Big Brother 19 Second
Bill Salkeld Underground Bradford 16  
Margaret Green The Bridge, Llanrwst 14  
Michael Hilton Flying Leap 16  
David Royle King Charles Bridge 15  
Roger Hand Trekking in Jotunheimen N.P, Norway 15  
Mary Dolan arches nat. park, Utah 16  
John Obrien Mountain Mist 14  
Stuart Martin Moth Orchid 16  
Les Stringer  Happy monks 20 First
Dave Griffiths Rhos on Sea 16  
Ken Stables Red Eyed Green Tree Frog 16  
Ian Wilson Final Approach 15  
David Higton Marching to the game 14  

Comp #3- Theme 1 – Parts of the Body (10 Feb 2016)

David Royle Hands of Music 16  
John Obrien The Hard Working Part (1) 16  
Ken Stables Millipede with mites 14  
Michael Hilton Tattoo 14  
David Higton Stags Head 15  
Margaret Green Eagle Owl 16  
Dave Griffiths Face 18 Third
Keith Pritchard Peaceful Slumber 17  
Bill Salkeld Heads together 13  
Gary Schultz Newly Born Baby 14  
John Fallows Handmade with Love 13  
Roger Hand The eye of an African Spotted Eagle Owl 16  
Chris Hills on tip toes 16  
Geoff Willis Tuna Tails 14  
Barbara Cook Her Legs 16  
Les Stringer Shepherd’s hand 17  
Mary Dolan Head and 2 humps-1 16  
Brian Smith Body Language 16  
David Royle The Cats Eyes 16  
John Obrien The Beak 15  
Ken Stables Eye of Peacock Tree Frog 15  
Michael Hilton Hills and Valleys 17  
David Higton Cup Hands 16  
Margaret Green Nice Earrings 13  
Keith Pritchard Made with Love 17  
Bill Salkeld The runner 15  
Gary Schultz Legs 14  
John Fallows Legs Eleven 14  
Roger Hand The head of a Common Buzzard 17  
Chris Hills hand drawn 16  
Barbara Cook Silence 15  
Les Stringer Lotus weaver 17  
Mary Dolan tiger profile 16  
David Royle New Life 19 Second
John Obrien The Hand That Bears The Gift 13  
Ken Stables Head of Phesant 14  
Michael Hilton Three Great Friends 14  
David Higton Walking Boots 16  
Margaret Green Indian Elephant 14  
Keith Pritchard Innocent eyes 16  
Bill Salkeld Morgan door 17  
Gary Schultz The Evil Eye 13  
John Fallows Facial Expression 14  
Roger Hand The skin on a crocodile’s back 16  
Chris Hills Out damned spot 14  
Barbara Cook Gate to The Soul 16  
Les Stringer Resting on the wall 20 First
Mary Dolan Head on hand 16  

Comp #2 – Open – PRINT – Colour (6 Jan 2016)

Author Title Mark  
John O’Brien Tatton stag 16  
David Royle Erosion 17  
Keith Pritchard War wounds 18  
Alan Angel Poor man kissing the wall 16  
Gary Schultz Devotion 17  
Les Stringer Lights! Action! 18  
Pat Sawas Rode Hall bluebell walk 16  
Barbara Cook Play with me 19  
Brian Smith Tools of the trade 16  
Ian Wilson Evening sunset – St.Ives harbour 16  
Pat Sawas Macclesfield Canal and Clarence Mill, Bollington 16  
Michael Hilton Cobbler’s Cross Lane 18  
Chris Hills Victor Meldrew in a huff 15  
Gary Schultz The Naval Service Memorial 19  
Les Stringer Who ate all the pies? 16  
Alan Angel The Hasid 17  
Barbara Cook Friends 20    1st=
David Royle Westminster Bridge 18  
John O’Brien Tough Morning 16  
Chris Hills The Holocaust Memorial 19  
Pat Sawas An Autumn scene at Biddulph Country Park 18  
Dave Griffiths Chillies 16  
Keith Pritchard Venetian moorings at sunset 18  
Barbara Cook Show me your teeth 18  
Gary Schultz Turkish courtyard 17  
Ian Wilson Gwithian sunset 16  
David Royle Autumn sunset 17  
John O’Brien Who you lookin’ at ? 17  
Keith Pritchard Apron activity 19    3rd
Alan Angel The Duet 20    1st=
Les Stringer Lyme Hall in Autumn 16  
Michael Hilton Sunrise over the Sound of Arisaig 17  
Brian Smith Smokey workshop 16  

Comp #2 – Open – PRINT – Mono (6 Jan 2016)

Alan Angel Dave the violinist 19  
Keith Pritchard Looking at you looking at me 16  
Barbara Cook Sweets only once a week 18  
Les Stringer Central Pier Balckpool 17  
Dave Griffiths Tommy Smith 17  
Gary Schultz Urban decay, Turkish style 15  
Pat Sawas Up close and intimate 19  
David Royle Which way? 19    3rd
Brian Smith Leading the pack 16  
John O’Brien The old building, Montenegro 16  
Dave Griffiths The Newsstand 17  
Pat Sawas Classical still life 18  
Les Stringer Post card seller 16  
Barbara Cook Old couple 17  
Alan Angel Joanne 18  
Gary Schultz Underneath the Arches 16  
David Royle Naked nature 16  
Keith Pritchard Paris selfie 16  
Michael Hilton Deopa 17  
John O’Brien Salford reflected 16  
Gary Schultz Italian courtyard 17  
Brian Smith The Stadium 18  
Alan Angel Rufford Old Hall 18  
Les Stringer Liverpool waterfront 16  
Chris Hills   Shalakhet (Fallen leaves) 16  
David Royle Light the way 20    1st
Dave Griffiths Ennerdale dawn 17  
Pat Sawas Ominous clouds over gas station 17  
Barbara Cook Dream 20    2nd
Keith Pritchard Gateway to splendour 19  

Comp #1 – Open – PDI – Colour (18 Nov 2015)

Brian Smith Greek Village 14  
Keith Pritchard Misty mountains 16  
John Fallows Britannia Dawn 15  
Michael Hilton A Country Garden 15  
Margaret Green Deep in Conversation 15  
Geoff Willis High Point in New York 15  
Pat Sawas Eclectic Styling 16  
Graham Beech Alpine Chapel 16  
Mary Dolan Harris Hawk in flight-8006 15  
Barbara Cook Not Alone 17  
Gary Schultz Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia 16  
John Obrien Sweets for my Sweet 15  
Bill Salkeld The stairway 15  
Chris Hills Tricolor 16  
Dave Griffiths Don’t Bomb Syria 14  
Ken Stables  Red 17 Third
David Royle Commuting 17  
Stuart Martin Twinnies Bridge 15  
Brian Smith The 4th Grace 14  
Keith Pritchard Bumble Bee 17  
John Fallows Northumberland Early Morning 16  
Michael Hilton Mumbles Moonrise 16  
Margaret Green The One Man Band 14  
Geoff Willis Bodiam Castle 14  
Pat Sawas A Funfair Favourite 15  
Graham Beech Plaza de Espana in Seville 15  
Mary Dolan Head to Head-3731 16  
Barbara Cook Holiday 15  
Gary Schultz The Roofs of Monte Isola 15  
John Obrien Tool Shed 15  
Bill Salkeld Belt and braces 14  
Chris Hills  Sweeping landscape 20 First
Dave Griffiths Manhattan Lightplay 15  
Ken Stables Louise 16  
David Royle  Walking the Sun 19 Second
Stuart Martin Early morning Derwentwater 16  
Brian Smith Determination 15  
Keith Pritchard ‘Life Guard’ 16  
Michael Hilton Buzzard 15  
Margaret Green Three Pearly Kings 16  
Pat Sawas Spoilt for choice 16  
Mary Dolan Lower Falls, Yellowstone-3751 15  
Barbara Cook Protest 17  
Gary Schultz Number 1 15  
John Obrien Pimp My Ride 14  
Bill Salkeld The Oriel window 15  
Chris Hills Night visitors 16  
Ken Stables Jazz Violinist 16  
David Royle Tulip in Bloom 18  
Stuart Martin Arctic Tern 16  

Comp #1 – Open – PDI – Mono (18 Nov 2015)

Ken Stables By The Window 17  
Dave Griffiths Billy Bragg 17  
Bill Salkeld Pennine stream 16  
Barbara Cook Small Secrets 17  
Michael Hilton Zigzag 15  
Pat Sawas Final resting place 16  
John Obrien Butter would not melt 17  
Chris Hills Footfall 15  
Gary Schultz Concentric Circles 17  
Keith Pritchard Storm approaching 16  
David Royle Left unloaded 16  
John Fallows Menai Swans 16  
Mary Dolan Swan Attack! 14  
Stuart Martin Mike 17  
Margaret Green The Spider at the Guggenheim 15  
Ken Stables Great Aunt Agatha 15  
Dave Griffiths Mist over Ennerdale Water 15  
Bill Salkeld bacon baps 15  
Barbara Cook Hundreds Petals 17  
Michael Hilton Slalom 17  
Pat Sawas Nuts and Bolts Construction 16  
John Obrien Hot and Cold 14  
Chris Hills Buildings old and new 16  
Gary Schultz In the Zone 17  
Keith Pritchard Final resting place 17  
David Royle  Walking the Dog 20 First
John Fallows Evening on the Quays 16  
Mary Dolan Deer in the mist-9150 15  
Stuart Martin Morning on the lake 15  
Margaret Green Timepiece in the Reading Room 16  
Ken Stables The Dowage Duchess 15  
Dave Griffiths  The Art Critics 19 Second
Bill Salkeld Jodrell Bank 16  
Barbara Cook Ofelia 17  
Michael Hilton Black Rock 16  
Pat Sawas  Dappled Forest light 18 Third
Chris Hills Life on the other side 16  
Gary Schultz Basilica Cistern Istanbul 16  
Keith Pritchard Guardians of the holy sepulchre 15  
David Royle The way is up 16  
John Fallows Guardians of the Chapel 17  
Mary Dolan Castlefield 8444 15  
Stuart Martin Winter leaves 15  
Margaret Green The Old Mill, Dunham 15  

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