Monthly Comp Results 2016-17

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Comp #6 Print  (Open Mono) 17 May 2017 

Author Title Score Award
Barbara Cook  Waiting for Love 19 2nd
Gary Schultz Craggy Old Bulgarian 18 3rd
Les Stringer White orchid 16  
Chris Hills Beach wakers 14  
David Hardy Not flying today 15  
Barbara Cook  Lunch 16  
Les Stringer Sea defences 17  
Gary Schultz Dicing with death 14  
Brian Smith  Hope it doesn’t rain 16  
Chris Hills Mist cloud at Tate Modern 16  
David Hardy The Old King 15  
Gary Schultz Menorah 17  
Barbara Cook  Holiday time 16  
Les Stringer Dreamy seascape 20 1st

Comp #6 Print  (Genre: Action) 17 May 2017 

Author Title Score Award
Les Stringer World Champion comes to town 17  
Gary Schultz Husky ride in the Artic Circle 15  
Barbara Cook  Jump 19 2nd
Michael Hilton Grace 18 3rd
David Hardy Heading downwind 14  
Brian Smith  Flying boys 15  
Chris Hills Car number 1 in action 15  
Gary Schultz Horseman of Puszth, Hungary 14  
Les Stringer Winning combination 20 1st
Barbara Cook  High in the sky 17  
Chris Hills Eyes on the ball 16  
Michael Hilton Smoke on, go! 16  
Barbara Cook  Friendly fight 16  
Chris Hills Killed in action 16  
Les Stringer Aerial acrobatics 17  
Gary Schultz Preparing the ground 14  
David Hardy Ski jump 15  

Comp #5 Dpi (Open Mono) 19 April 2017 

Author Title Score Award
Sian Hampson YorkMinster 17  
Margaret Green The London Eye 17  
Stuart Martin All washed up 16  
Adrian Hazeldine Loch Torridon 18 Third
David Higton Here come the girls 15  
Gary Schultz Railway Bridge Riga 14  
Ken Stables Fiddler 14  
Chris Hills Berlin at night 13  
Michael Hilton World Trade Centre Station 19 Second
Barbara Cook Glowing 17  
David Hardy Inside the Amphitheatre, Pompeii 14  
John Obrien Fleetwood Wrecks 14  
Les Stringer Glen Etive 15  
Bill Salkeld Hoping for luck 16  
Brian Smith Rooted to the spot 15  
Sian Hampson view from behind the clock 15  
Margaret Green Admiring the View 17  
Stuart Martin Burbage edge 15  
Adrian Hazeldine Cycling out of the shadows 14  
David Higton End of the Pier Show 15  
Gary Schultz Cobwebs 13  
Ken Stables Viv 16  
Chris Hills wet rocks 14  
Michael Hilton Walking Over the Sea 16  
Barbara Cook Street Life 20 First
David Hardy The next train arriving 15  
John Obrien Grand Hotel Cadenabbia 15  
Les Stringer Glencoe 14  
Bill Salkeld The long wait 16  
Brian Smith Keep to the Crossing 15  
DAVID Lewis Salut humains pr 16  
Sian Hampson Statue in the Crypt 16  
Margaret Green Canning Dock at Dusk 13  
Stuart Martin Buachaille Etive Mor 14  
Adrian Hazeldine Woman in fur coat 16  
David Higton Down the Tube Station 14  
Gary Schultz Auschwitz 14  
Ken Stables Whos been Drinking 16  
Chris Hills dog walker 15  
Michael Hilton Pebble 17  
Barbara Cook Lazy Sunny Afternoon 17  
David Hardy Who’s it by 14  
John Obrien keep still 15  
Les Stringer Buttermere 16  
Bill Salkeld Moorland pool 15  
Brian Smith Blackpool 2017 old style 15  


Comp #5 Dpi Set subject ‘Weather’ 19 April 2017

Author Title Score Award
John Obrien Beautiful Start to the day 15  
Michael Hilton A Room With a View 16  
Roger Hand Triple depression over welsh moors 16  
Bill Salkeld Hazardous conditionsg 16  
David Higton Mist at Dusk by The Bollin 14  
Brian Smith Weathered 15  
Sian Hampson Rainbow 15  
David Hardy Blue sky day 14  
Ken Stables Bringham Rocks 14  
Gary Schultz Northern Lights 14  
Barbara Cook Snow Lover 16  
Les Stringer Red sky in the morning 17  
DAVID Lewis Gathering storm 14  
Margaret Green Cooling Off on a Sunny Day 14  
Adrian Hazeldine God’s searchlight 16  
Chris Hills I’ll stay in the car 16  
John Obrien Berthed by storm Betty 15  
Michael Hilton Raindrops 18 Third
Roger Hand Early morning Kuala Lumpur 15  
Bill Salkeld Puddle hoppers 16  
David Higton Rain on Copper Beech 16  
Brian Smith Undeterred by the Weather 17  
Sian Hampson Behind Niagara in winter 13  
David Hardy Storm clouds over Yr Eifel 16  
Ken Stables After School 16  
Gary Schultz Snow Storm at the North Cape 15  
Barbara Cook Weather Forecast 17  
Les Stringer Early morning mists 20 First
DAVID Lewis Light inthe valley pr 14  
Margaret Green Storm at New Brighton 17  
Adrian Hazeldine Approaching storm 15  
Chris Hills Rossmere in the mist 17  
John Obrien The Weather Vane 14  
Michael Hilton Rainstorm Over the Sea 15  
Roger Hand Misty mangroves 15  
Bill Salkeld No turning back 15  
David Higton Sunny Summer evening 13  
David Hardy Quicksilver raindrops 16  
Ken Stables Sand, Sea and Sky 16  
Gary Schultz Snow and Wind at the Arctic Circle 16  
Barbara Cook Low Clouds 19 Second
Les Stringer Monsoon season! 16  
Margaret Green Up in the Clouds 16  
Chris Hills Washed up welly 15  

Comp #4 Print (Open Colour) 15 March 2017

John O’Brien In full bloom 17  
Margaret Green Scott Memorial and Norwegian Chapel, Cardiff 17  
Gary Schultz Logs 16  
Brian Smith Sea defences 15  
Chris Hills Early morning at the golf course 15  
David Hardy Ducks at Sunset 17  
Adrian Hazeldine The Old Boy 16  
David Lewis Watching the Sunset 15  
Michael Hilton Port deSt.Goustain 15  
Barbara Cook Scent of the woman 20 1st
John O’Brien Coming into bloom 17  
Margaret Green Ebbing tide 16  
Gary Schultz Stairway to Heaven? 17  
Brian Smith Catch of the day 15  
Chris Hills Stepping stones 14  
Les Stringer And it’s goodnight from him! 17  
David Hardy The icicle bush 16  
Adrian Hazeldine Early morning at the Grand Canal 16  
David Lewis The High Life 16  
Michael Hilton Beneath the Window 17  
Barbara Cook Calla 17  
John O’Brien Lost in the past 17  
Margaret Green Balconies 14  
Gary Schultz Central Library, Liverpool 15  
Brian Smith I think it’s called Ray 16  
Chris Hills River flow 19 2nd
Les Stringer Sunset in Another Place 16  
David Hardy Bottoms up! 17  
Adrian Hazeldine London light trails 14  
David Lewis The cat’s whiskers 18 3rd=
Michael Hilton Mountain sunrise 18 3rd=

 Comp #4 Print (Genre: Digital Device) 15 March 2017

Author Title Score Award
Barbara Cook Welcome to India 20 1st
Gary Schultz Albert Dock, Liverpool 16  
Michael Hilton That’s just not right 16  
David Hardy The Old Bridge, Oakdale 18 3rd=
Adrian Hazeldine Looking out 15  
Les Stringer Rannoch Moor 16  
Brian Smith Family photo 16  
Barbara Cook Alone in the crowd 17  
Michael Hilton Piglet 17  
Chris Hills Penmon lighthouse 16  
David Hardy Mowing the outfield 16  
Gary Schultz Rain stopped play 17  
Les Stringer We’ll never die 17  
Chris Hills  Arch of lights 16  
Adrian Hazeldine Flying high 14  
Barbara Cook Waiting for command 18 3rd=
David Lewis Setting out 15  
David Hardy Open wide! 16  
Gary Schultz Installation by Chinese Artist 14  
Michael Hilton Rhum from Eigg 19 2nd
Les Stringer Papaver 16  

 Comp # 3 Dpi (Open Colour) 8 February 2017

Author Title Score Award
Chris Hills Facade 14  
Adrian Hazeldine Inle Lake commuting 17  
Gary Schultz Take Your Pick 13  
Stuart Martin A bid for power 15  
David Hardy Burning bright 16  
Bill Salkeld Liverpool waterfront 14  
David Lewis Sound Colouration 13  
Roger Hand Chester Cathedral 14  
Les Stringer Portscatho Sunrise 17  
David Higton Venetian bridal party 14  
Barbara Cook Nostalgia 17  
John Obrien Pain in the Bum (ble Bee) 17  
David Royle Blooming Chive 20 First
Michael Hilton Autumn on the Conwy River 17  
Brian Smith Keep your head down-looks like rain 14  
Margaret Green A Break from Shopping 13  
Chris Hills Tranquil bridge 15  
Adrian Hazeldine Urban colour 15  
Gary Schultz Kumu Art Museum Riga 15  
Stuart Martin Tobermory 14  
David Hardy Fading flowers 16  
Bill Salkeld The pirate 13  
David Lewis Reflection 13  
Roger Hand Loving sisters 15  
Les Stringer Their honest toil is over 17  
David Higton If the shoe fits 17  
Barbara Cook Lady Blue 18 Third
John Obrien Deep in thought 17  
David Royle Glowing Sunset 16  
Michael Hilton Y Garn and Afon Ogwen 19 Second
Brian Smith French Windows 15  
Margaret Green Artist with Self Portrait 16  
Adrian Hazeldine Highland beauty 16  
Gary Schultz Nature Triumphant 13  
Stuart Martin Walking the Brecons 17  
David Hardy Smith Finest Deli 14  
Bill Salkeld Destination uncertain 14  
Roger Hand Young Karamojong 14  
Les Stringer Window into the machine room 14  
David Higton The Cage Autumn Sun 17  
Barbara Cook Orchid 16  
John Obrien New Brighton 14  
David Royle Lillies 17  
Michael Hilton November Sunrise 16  
Margaret Green ‘May The Force Be With Caravaggio’ 13  

Comp # 3 Dpi (Set Subject – Transport) 8 February 2017

Author Title Score Award
Michael Hilton Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 19 Second
Roger Hand Early morning rural school run 16  
Sian Hampson Dodging days are over 14  
Stuart Martin Where did I leave it 18 Third
John Obrien The Coal Barge 14  
Chris Hills Trabi World 15  
Bill Salkeld Morgan in the wet 16  
Gary Schultz Express Lift Hilton Hotel Prague 17  
David Higton Windsurfers 16  
David Hardy The lonely road 14  
Margaret Green The Yellow Duckmarine 13  
Brian Smith EarlyHome Delivery 14  
Les Stringer Indian Family Transport 17  
Barbara Cook Six Legs 14  
Adrian Hazeldine Zipping along 16  
Neil Weston Battling up the bank 15  
David Royle Lonely Shunter 15  
David Lewis Harrier 13  
Michael Hilton Ashton via Piccadilly 17  
Roger Hand East Africa Highway service station 13  
Sian Hampson Lined up ready to go 15  
Stuart Martin The Ribblehead Special 16  
John Obrien Transport 1940’s style 16  
Chris Hills Abandoned 17  
Bill Salkeld Uphill struggle 16  
Gary Schultz Transportation of Delight 15  
David Higton Discussing Steam Rollers 16  
David Hardy Light speed 17  
Margaret Green Segways on the Prom, Nice 14  
Brian Smith NotFarToGo 13  
Les Stringer The Flying Scotsman 15  
Barbara Cook Give Me a Horse 15  
Adrian Hazeldine Ready and waiting 17  
Neil Weston Showtime 14  
David Royle Mechanics of Transport 17  
Michael Hilton Signs of the Times 20 First
Roger Hand Water taxi across Dubai creek 16  
Stuart Martin Winchcombe steam railway 13  
John Obrien Once a form of farm transport 13  
Chris Hills Taxi 14  
Bill Salkeld Evening bike ride 14  
Gary Schultz Delivery All Hours 14  
David Higton Car Light Trails 15  
David Hardy Waterfront Metro DC 14  
Margaret Green River Cruise 14  
Les Stringer Airfield Security 15  
Barbara Cook Cycling in Berlin 15  
Adrian Hazeldine Multi purpose transport 16  
Neil Weston Rail and road 14  

Comp # 2  (Street & Urban) 11 Jan 2017 

Author Title Score Award
Adrian Hazeldine Lady at street market 16  
John O’Brien Shady Lady 14  
Gary Schultz Selfie 15  
David Hardy Not very secret 12  
Michael Hilton The square shadow 14  
Gary Schultz Moving staircase 20 First
Chris Hills Reflection 15  
Margaret Green Scooting in the skate park 14  
Adrian Hazeldine Alone with the papers 17  
Brian Smith Home delivery service 12  
Les Stringer Kolkata street scene 15  
John O’Brien What did you say? 18 Third
Barbara Cook Policeman 16  
David Hardy First steps 12  
Michael Hilton Man cannot live by bread alone 16  
Gary Schultz Liverpool reflections 17  
Chris Hills Busy crossing 14  
Margaret Green Watching and waiting 14  
Adrian Hazeldine Up-market selfie 17  
Brian Smith Wide boy 14  
Les Stringer Westminster sunset 15  
John O’Brien Open wide 14  
Barbara Cook Camouflage 17  
David Hardy Deep in conversation 15  
Michael Hilton The Williamsburg Bridge 15  
Barbara Cook Selfie 19 Second
Chris Hills Waiting to cross 15  
Margaret Green Manchester’s Banksy 16  

Comp # 2  (Mono) 11 Jan 2017

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz The accordion player and his bicycle 15  
Barbara Cook  Watching film 20 First
Michael Hilton The price of fame 13  
Adrian Hazeldine Rooftops 16  
David Hardy The Nails, Corn Street, Bristol 12  
Brian Smith Barton Square 13  
Chris Hills Three heads 14  
John O’Brien Years of rust 14  
Gary Schultz Twilight over Albert Dock 15  
Les Stringer Young generation 18 Third
Barbara Cook  Through the keyhole 16  
Michael Hilton The meeting hall 16  
Adrian Hazeldine Derelict barn 19 Second
David Hardy Enshrined Forever 13  
Brian Smith  Empties 12  
Chris Hills Rusty door catch 15  
John O’Brien The Footman 14  
Gary Schultz Manchester Prison (Strangeways) 15  
Les Stringer A walk by the sea 17  
Barbara Cook  Lolita 17  
David Hardy It’s been a hard day 15  

Comp # 1  (Colour) 23rd Nov 2016 

Author Title Mark Award
Gary Schultz  Peepo 14  
Dave Griffiths  Here Comes The Tickle Monster 15  
Barbara Cook  Golden Duck 17  
Adrian Hazeldine  Human Triangle 20 Gold
Chris Hills  Mermaid Pool 14  
David Royle  Cairo Sunset 13  
Brian Smith  Team Talk 14  
PAT Sawas  Stormy clouds ahead 15  
David Higton  Long horn 16  
David Hardy  Eclipse 13  
Michael Hilton  The Word 15  
Les Stringer  Charge!! 15  
Margaret Green  Studying Parr’s Prints 16  
Ken Stables  Christopher Marbling 15  
Mary Dolan  Reflections 12  
Roger Hand  Frosty autumnal morning 18 Bronze
Bill Salkeld  The leaping cat 16  
Gary Schultz  Spiral Staircase 14  
Dave Griffiths  Ghostly Window 12  
Barbara Cook  Guy Pride 13  
Adrian Hazeldine  Reine – Lofoten Islands 17  
Chris Hills  Heaven’s reach 15  
David Royle  Clematis 19 Silver
Brian Smith  The Chase is on 17  
PAT Sawas  Market traders plant stall 15  
David Higton  Shining Torr 15  
David Hardy  On the prowl 16  
Michael Hilton  The Tunnel 16  
Les Stringer  Roussillon Blue Hour 17  
Margaret Green  Police Raid 14  
Ken Stables  Lily Pond 13  
Mary Dolan  Hillside forest 15  
Roger Hand  Families relaxing on the beach, Oslo 12  
Bill Salkeld  The Golfer 14  
Gary Schultz  Turaida Castle, Estonia 15  
Barbara Cook  Modern Talking 17  
Adrian Hazeldine  Val d’Orcia – Tuscany 16  
Chris Hills  Beachcombing 14  
David Royle  Saints and Spires 15  
PAT Sawas  London skyline 15  
David Higton  Mushroom 17  
David Hardy  Old Glory 16  
Michael Hilton  A World of Windows 16  
Les Stringer  RHS Flower Show 14  
Margaret Green  Window Seats, Saltaire 15  
Ken Stables  Orchid 16  
Mary Dolan  Autumn colour 15  
Roger Hand  Sea anenome in rock pool 16  
Bill Salkeld  Quarry Bank Mill 14  


 Comp # 1  (Theme: Tryptych) 23rd Nov 2016 

Author Title Mark Award
Adrian Hazeldine  Memorial 20 Gold
Alan Angel  Lions Triptych 15  
Barbara Cook  Summer 15  
Bill Salkeld  Lunchtime 15  
Brian Smith  colourful nature 16  
Caroline Petch  Beryl 14  
Chris Hills  Apple appeel 16  
Dave Griffiths  Prinzflex 500 13  
David Hardy  Brooklyn Bridge 13  
David Higton  Over the wake 14  
David Royle  Nautilus Shell 17  
Gary Schultz  Roller Blader 12  
John Obrien  Busy Bees 16  
Ken Stables  Staircase at Mostyn Gallery 16  
Les Stringer  Galapagos Gull-triptych 16  
Margaret Green  Bench Life 15  
Mary Dolan  Autumn 15  
Michael Hilton  New York Skyline 17  
PAT Sawas  Creative upcycling 16  
Adrian Hazeldine  Waiting for the next train 16  
Barbara Cook  Fire 19 Silver
Bill Salkeld  Show day 16  
Brian Smith  AutumnChanges 15  
Caroline Petch  Wings 14  
Chris Hills  Hastings beach 15  
David Hardy  Southern Right Whale breaching 16  
David Higton  Bikes 17  
David Royle  Autumn Leaves 17  
Gary Schultz  Junior Photographer taking Selfie 14  
John Obrien  New Brighton 15  
Ken Stables  Venice 13  
Les Stringer  Stevenson Square street art – triptych 16  
Margaret Green  To the Lighthouse 14  
Mary Dolan  Flowers and Seeds 15  
Michael Hilton  Three Trees in the Sand 18 Bronze
PAT Sawas  Architectural abstract 16  
Barbara Cook  Autumn 16  
Bill Salkeld  Beach rides 15  
Brian Smith  AutumnTrafficLights 13  
Caroline Petch  Shrooms 16  
Chris Hills  Weir 16  
David Hardy  Tom, Dick and Hotei 17  
David Higton  Tennis 16  
David Royle  Land, Air and Sea in motion 15  
Gary Schultz  Jazz Guitarist 13  
Ken Stables  Panoramas of Scotland 15  
Les Stringer  Provence Sunrise Triptych 3 15  
Margaret Green  Buskers 14  
Mary Dolan  Heron 15  
Michael Hilton  Vases 17  
PAT Sawas  Door bell and knobs 16  

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