Name Title Mark Award
Gary Schultz  Monsoon Rain in Kyoto 11  
Pat Sawas  Dom Luis I Bridge, Porto 10  
Chris Hills Old Petrol Pump 10  
Brian Smith Stylised Styal 9  
Barbara Cook Reflection 13  
John O’Brien Mignon Dahlia 10  
Les Stringer  The Sky is on Fire 10  
Michael Hilton  Remembrance 9  
Margaret Green  Jetty with a Bottle 11  
Gary Schultz  Kite Watching 10  
Pat Sawas  The Old Grey Mare 11  
Chris Hills Mystic Statue 9  
Brian Smith Autumn in the Lakes 10  
Barbara Cook Innocent 12 1st
John O’Brien The Rock Pool 12  
Les Stringer  Red Sky at Night 10  
Michael Hilton  Night Fighter 10  
Margaret Green  Reflections at Dusk, Amsterdam 10  
Gary Schultz  Tarn Hows 1 10  
Pat Sawas  Canal Abstraction 10  
Chris Hills Quarry Bank Mill 9  
Brian Smith I’ll Go First 12  
Sian Hampson Notes to Strangers 9  
Les Stringer  A Warm Welcome Awaits 10  
Michael Hilton  Convergence 11  
Margaret Green  The Ochre Forest 10  
Gary Schultz  Tarn Hows 2 10  
Pat Sawas  Quaint Shop Front in Arles 12  
Chris Hills Wheal Coates Engine House 9  
Brian Smith Industrial Heritage 9  
Sian Hampson Watching the Sunset 10  
Les Stringer  Fantasy Island 11  
Michael Hilton  Nant Mill Woods 11  
Margaret Green  Bikes for Hire, Manchester Central 9  
Gary Schultz  Tromso Panorama 10  
Pat Sawas  View of Algeria from the Alcazoba 9  
Chris Hills Old Gears on the Weir 10  
Barbara Cook All Kids Are Ours 10  
John O’Brien Moth Orchid 13 3rd
Les Stringer  Castle Mountain 11  
Michael Hilton  A Winter Scene, Herefordshire 14 2nd
Margaret Green  Jars of Clouds 10  
Gary Schultz  The Northern Lights Above the Arctic Cathedral 9  
Pat Sawas  Snowy Forest 12  
Chris Hills The Deep End 8  
Barbara Cook Waiting 9  
John O’Brien No. 264 10  
Les Stringer  Church on the Lake 10  
Mary Dolan Tryfan 9  
Michael Hilton  The Bridge 8  
Margaret Green  The River Glaslyn, Snowdonia 9  
Sian Hampson Talk Talk 12  
John O’Brien Industrial Bridges of Manchester 11  


 Name Title Mark Award
Barbara Cook Up and Down 12 1st
Brian Smith  New Orleans 9  
Pat Sawas  Helebores 9  
Gary Schultz  Man and Machine 9  
Adrian Hazeldine Deli Counter 10  
John O’Brien Magpie Mine 9  
Margaret Green  Church Hill, Knutsford 9  
Michael Hilton  Winter Snows on the Wimble 13 2nd
Les Stringer  Reflections on a Lake 9  
Brian Smith The Market 10  
Pat Sawas  Shadows & Reflections at Leicester’s Highcross Centre 9  
Gary Schultz  Cabo de Roca 9  
Siân Hampson Frozen Lake Agnes 10  
John O’Brien Peace Lily 11  
Mary Dolan  Lone Walker 10  
Margaret Green  Museum Gallery 10  
Michael Hilton  The Road to the Islea 10  
Les Stringer  Church by the Lake 11  
Brian Smith 3 Shady Characters 10  
Pat Sawas  Passing Through St. Peter’s Square 10  
Gary Schultz  Light & Shadow 10  
Adrian Hazeldine Pylons 11  
John O’Brien Pithead at Magpie Mine 9  
Margaret Green  Rush Hour Amsterdam Central Station 9  
Michael Hilton  Worcester College, Oxford 11  
Les Stringer  Calla Lily 11  
Barbara Cook Four Eyes 13  
Pat Sawas  Three Trees 12  
Gary Schultz  Figures on a Beach 11  
Adrian Hazeldine Together 9  
John O’Brien Lone Tree after the Harvest 12  
Margaret Green  Walking in a Winter Wonderland 11  
Les Stringer  Snuffed Out 11  
Barbara Cook Clean Now 13 3rd
Chris Hills Guiding the Climber 10  
Pat Sawas  I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear! 9  
Gary Schultz  On the way to the North Cape 11  
John O’Brien Undecided 10  
Margaret Green  Mr. Thomas’s Chop House 9  
Barbara Cook Lazy Sunday Afternoon 10  
Chris Hills Millstones at Stanage Edge 10  
Pat Sawas  We Three 12  
Gary Schultz  Up in the Clouds 9  
Margaret Green  All the Lonely People 10  


Name Title Mark Award
Les Stringer Annie 10  
John O’Brien Reflective Moment 9  
Margaret Green Painted Lady 10  
Michael Hilton Meditation 8  
Sian Hampson The Old Market Lady Keeping Warm 9  
Barbara Cook Red Hair 14 1st
Gary Schultz Keeping Up With Fashion 11  
Les Stringer Grandma 9  
Margaret Green Natalie 11  
Mary Dolan Emma 11  
Michael Hilton Ophelia 9  
Sian Hampson The Old Wheelwright 9  
Chris Hills Human Statues Going Home 8  
Gary Schultz International Wedding In Tokyo 10  
Les Stringer Hettie 10  
Margaret Green Neptune 10  
Michael Hilton Read Between the Lines 10  
Pat Sawas The Farrier 10  
Barbara Cook Dickens Child 12 2nd
Chris Hills Faces at an Exhibition 10  
Gary Schultz Mani 9  
John O’Brien Police Cuts Begin to Show 9  
Margaret Green Cheerful Charity Muggers 9  
Michael Hilton Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone 9  
Pat Sawas Counting the Pennies 10  
Barbara Cook Little John 12  
Chris Hills Chatting in the Back Row 11  
Gary Schultz Passenger Lost In Terminal 5 10  
John O’Brien Contemplation 10  
Margaret Green Young Busker 9  
Michael Hilton Torso with Limbs 9  
Pat Sawas Three Wise Men 11  
Barbara Cook Lady with the Dog 12 3rd
Chris Hills Getting Ready for the Street Act 10  
Gary Schultz Margaret 11  
John O’Brien Early 1800’s Steam Team 11  
Margaret Green RNLI Volunteers 10  
Michael Hilton Life’s Journey 11  
Pat Sawas The Knitting Lady 9  
Barbara Cook Wife for Sheik? 11  
Gary Schultz Rose 9  


Name Title Mark Award
John Dennis Sable Antelope 10  
John O’Brien Tatton Stag 11 3rd
John Dennis Elephant at Mud Wallow 12  
John O’Brien Black Crow 10  
John Dennis Roan Antelope 11  
Mary Dolan Egret Feeding 12 1st
John Dennis Leopard 12 2nd
John O’Brien Red Deer Family Portrait 10  
John Dennis Aggressive Hippos 9  
John O’Brien Repairing the Web 9  
John Dennis 3 Banded Plover 13  


Name Title MarkT Award
PAT Sawas  Late evening at Salford Quays 11  
Bill Salkeld  The Sand works 9  
Ian Tasker  The Swamp 8  
Nick Jones  Through to score 10  
Michael Hilton  Mystic Landscape 12  
Mary Dolan  Lighthouse at Hidalgo, Tenerife 10  
John Obrien  New Brighton Splashback 12  
Brian Smith  Head of the Lake 10  
Gary Schultz  Sunrise over Funchal 10  
Adrian Hazeldine  door art 9  
Les Stringer  On a calm autumn morning 10  
Chris Hills  light fingered 11  
Margaret Green  Artichokes For Sale 9  
Sian Hampson  Late afternoon at Lake Liloette copy 9  
PAT Sawas  Into the spotlight 11  
Bill Salkeld  Aquarium in the sky 10  
Ian Tasker  Winter Mahonia 10  
Nick Jones  Blasting Harley 9  
Michael Hilton  Dark Before Dawn 10  
Mary Dolan  Forest Reflections 10  
John Obrien  Focus on the Eye 11  
Brian Smith  End of the walk 10  
Gary Schultz  The Arctic from Above 1 9  
Adrian Hazeldine  bringing the scene to life 11  
Les Stringer  Beautiful Gerbera 11  
Chris Hills  Winter Walk 11  
Margaret Green  Anchored Street Lamp, Villefranche 11  
Sian Hampson  Bow Lake, the Rockies 11  
PAT Sawas  Gotcha 11  
Ian Tasker  Double Love and Peace 9  
Nick Jones  Brothers in arms 11  
Michael Hilton  Stargazer 11  
Mary Dolan  Evening Sunbeams 10  
John Obrien  Anenome 12 First
Gary Schultz  Shibuya Station Tokyo 9  
Adrian Hazeldine  Empty Skies Memorial 10  
Les Stringer  The last day 11  
Margaret Green  Back Street Arles 11  
Sian Hampson  Charleston waterfront at dawn 12  
PAT Sawas  Colour Burst 11  
Ian Tasker  Silver Birch Mourn Elm 9  
Nick Jones  Sunset walk 9  
Michael Hilton  Lake 11  
Mary Dolan  Seaside in Winter 12  
John Obrien  Coouldron Falls 12 Third
Gary Schultz  Colourful Street in Obidos, Portugal 11  
Adrian Hazeldine  Flag 9  
Margaret Green  Barges Castlefield 8  
Sian Hampson  Colour in the back streets 10  
PAT Sawas  Twilight in the city centre 9  
Ian Tasker  Triffids 10  
Nick Jones  Unconditional 9  
Michael Hilton  Floating in the Clouds 11  
Mary Dolan  Rylands Library 11  
John Obrien  Out of Date but still nice 10  
Gary Schultz  The Arctic fronm Above 2 11  
Margaret Green  Abandoned Umbrella and Bike 11  
PAT Sawas  I’ve got my Beany eyes on you 12  
Nick Jones  A name, not a number 9  
Michael Hilton  Travellers 13 Second
Mary Dolan  Calla Lily 11  
Gary Schultz  The Convent of Christ Tomar 12  
Margaret Green  Not So Zen Office 10  


PrintName Title Mark Award
Bill Salkeld  The winding drum 12 Second
Brian Smith  CanalWalk 10  
Chris Hills  Shaggy Dog photo 10  
Gary Schultz  Tarn Hows 9  
Ian Tasker  Run! 10  
John Obrien  Slate Train 11  
Les Stringer  Lakeside 11  
Margaret Green  Alpine Church 9  
Mary Dolan  Dovedale 9  
Michael Hilton  Kelpies 9  
Nick Jones  Al pac see now 10  
PAT Sawas  I spy dinner ahead 11  
Sian Hampson  Down the line 10  
Bill Salkeld  Over Haddon Chapel 10  
Chris Hills  Writer’s block today 11  
Gary Schultz  Lone Tree Kelly Hall Tarn 11  
Ian Tasker  March Landscape 10  
John Obrien  Enigmatic Smile 11  
Margaret Green  Crosby Beach 10  
Mary Dolan  Storm Brewing, Isle of Skye 11  
Michael Hilton  Further Ripples in the Sand 11  
Nick Jones  Frozen Niagra 9  
Sian Hampson  Manchester Central Library 10  
Bill Salkeld  No play today 12 First
Chris Hills  Roberts Bakery Band 10  
Gary Schultz  Flooded bench at Coniston 9  
Ian Tasker  Greenbelt 8  
John Obrien  You’re Joking 7  
Margaret Green  Dunham Park 9  
Mary Dolan  Cuillins 11  
Michael Hilton  Gateway Arch St Louis 10  
Nick Jones  Moon and Ents 9  
PAT Sawas  Time to catch up on the news 11  
Bill Salkeld  Falling over 11  
Gary Schultz  Jetty at Brantwood 11  
Ian Tasker  Transformed 9  
John Obrien  The Grand Canal 9  
Margaret Green  Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 11  
Mary Dolan  Sycamore Gap 12 Third
Michael Hilton  Chapel Vitaleta 11  
Nick Jones  Old School 9  
PAT Sawas  Tower and Cloisters of St Tromphine Church in Arles 9  
Bill Salkeld  Museum of Liverool 11  
Gary Schultz  Paddy 12  
Ian Tasker  Workhorse Cab 9  
John Obrien  The Railway Siding 9  
Margaret Green  The Descent 9  
Mary Dolan  Dark Peaks 11  
Michael Hilton  Silver Birch 10  
PAT Sawas  No words needed 9  
Margaret Green  The Isle of Skye 11  
Mary Dolan  Cape Wrath 10  
Michael Hilton  Above Us 11  
PAT Sawas  A Meeting of 3 Bridges 10  


Name Title Mark Award
Mary Dolan  The Barman 8  
Sian Hampson  The old accordian player 11  
Michael Hilton  Tonia 11  
Brian Smith  An unlicenced street performer 9  
John Obrien  The Beamish Train Driver 13  
Margaret Green  The Stallholder 9  
Chris Hills  Peasant woman 9  
PAT Sawas  Jasper 11  
Gary Schultz  Hannah and the boys 10  
Mary Dolan  Paulo 9  
Sian Hampson  The long arm af the law 10  
Michael Hilton  Eye to Eye 8  
Brian Smith  BeardFace 9  
John Obrien  Proud to Drive a Steam Roller 11  
Margaret Green  Dressed to Impress 11  
Chris Hills  I read the news today, oh boy 9  
PAT Sawas  Spanish Gypsy beggarwoman 11  
Gary Schultz  Young Womens Fashion Tokyo 9  
Mary Dolan  Boy Band 11  
Sian Hampson  Who will buy 11  
Michael Hilton  Love 10  
Brian Smith  Market Trader 9  
John Obrien  Full of Character 14 Third
Margaret Green  Family Portrait 9  
Chris Hills  Concentration 11  
PAT Sawas  Mr Pig Hog Roast 13  
Gary Schultz  Odd one out 9  
Mary Dolan  All Dressed Up 11  
Sian Hampson  Watching the world go by 12  
Michael Hilton  Electric Veil 14 First
Brian Smith  Grandson 11  
John Obrien  The rockpool bathers 9  
Margaret Green  Proud ex-Serviceman 9  
PAT Sawas  Steam Engine Mechanic at work 11  
Gary Schultz  Incense Burner and worshippers 9  
Mary Dolan  The Fisherman 13  
Michael Hilton  Portrait of Nadine 12  
John Obrien  Bandana 9  
Margaret Green  The Mexican 9  
PAT Sawas  Gloria 11  
Gary Schultz  Similar Neckline 12  
Michael Hilton  Window Dancer 14 Second
Margaret Green  Armed Police in Manchester 10  
PAT Sawas  The Diver 11  
Gary Schultz  Observing 9  


Name Title Mark Award
Michael Hilton  Bee Feeding 9  
Les Stringer  Red Squirrel 10  
Mary Dolan  Young Grey Seal 13 Third
Gary Schultz  Crane having lunch 11  
John Obrien  Web Spinning 12  
John Dennis  Sable Antelope 12  
Mary Dolan  Robin 12  
Gary Schultz  Turtle 13 Second
John Obrien  Hornet 10  
John Dennis  Africn Veined White 12  
Mary Dolan  White Tailed Eagle 12  
John Obrien  Stag on Watch 10  
John Dennis  Blackbellied Korhaan 11  
Mary Dolan  Fawns 10  
John Obrien  Little Owl 12  
John Dennis  Common Tigertail 14 First
John Obrien  Asio otus 9  
John Dennis  Crossing the river 9  
John Dennis  Redbilled Quelea 12  

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