Project group meeting

6 December 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Project group meeting
1. Hidden. This could be our trickiest theme yet! It was suggested that there were plenty of ideas on the internet. As ever the interpretation is up to you.

2. Shot with a 50mm. The 50mm lens became the standard focal length for many early 35mm cameras and was described as having the ‘‘field of view of the human eye” and the pictures have a ‘natural perspective’.
Not loved by all at the time, it was almost forgotten when more flexible quality zoom lenses became the standard. Nowadays the “Nifty Fifty” fast prime lens has seen a comeback in the digital world and is often favoured for portraits and low light work.

But, will it work for you? The subject is completely open, it just needs to be shot with a 50mm equivalent prime if you have one, or a Zoom lens at the correct setting. (Zooming is done with your feet).

If your camera sensor is;
Full frame – use 50mm prime or zoom setting
APSC – use 30 or 35mm lens or zoom setting
Micro 4/3 – use 25mm lens or zoom setting