External Photo Competition

Fancy entering an external Photographic Competition?

We received an email from SITTP (Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers) with information about their monthly competitions. You don’t have to be a member and it’s free to enter.  Note: I believe you will have to zip your jpeg images when you upload them.

Follow the links to enter:

This month’s Photographic Competitions are:

My Voyage of Discovery Images from anything on your travels, whether it’s street photography through to stunning places (whatever you discover).


Best of Nature

This month’s competition solely emphasises on all things of ‘Nature’, whether it be the force of Mother Nature or animals living their daily lives.


Equestrian Events This month’s competition is Equestrian Events photography, anything from dressage, in-hand showing, cross country and show jumping to name a few.


The Human Form

This month’s competition focuses on the study and appreciation of the beauty of the human body.


Last months winners can be found at:

Amazing Insects http://sinwp.com/insect/1st.htm

All Sports http://sislp.com/all/1st.htm

World we live in http://sittp.com/wwli/1st.htm

Lovable pets http://www.swpp.co.uk/lpets/1st.htm