Using the Calendar

The programme is displayed in a calendar format

  • You can ‘subscribe’ to the calendar and have it downloaded and updated in your phone or desktop calendar
  • You can see different views of the calendar via the drop down option on the top right. The default view is stream but try the others for alternative views. The agenda view for example is neat and also printable.
  • Clicking on an entry will display all the event details on its own page
  • You can filter the calendar using the drop down on the top left. You can toggle the different categories on and off (so you can restrict the list to one or more categories of event).
    • Competition entry dates are shown as a separate category
    • In the future we will likely add more events in different categories – such as Challenge Group, Club Outings, Photo Opportunities
    • The different categories have their own ‘logo’ and colour code
  • We will occasionally add extra text against an event to provide a more detailed description. The text isn’t always visible initially – if not there are various ways to show it: Hover over or click on an event in Month view or click ‘+’ in Agenda.

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