Next Project Group – Friday 9 February

WGPS Project Group Update.

Friday last saw a good turnout of members. The Christmas theme drew aside variety of images including food, family groups, retail mania, post Xmas walks and even a few with religious connections.  Recreating an image from a magazine produced some star images,  from Pam with portraits of a friend reproduced from a ten year old magazine article. From Stuart, a reproduced Nikon advert  and from Mary, (who was at home poorly) an iPhone advert using new skills she has recently acquired, see attached images  .   My thanks to all who attended and contributed, it made for an interesting evening.

The next meeting is on Friday 9th February  at 7.30 pm in a room yet to be allocated.

There are two subjects, you can enter images for either or both. The first one may go against the grain for some, but its only for once and besides that’s what we do!

  1. Control Dial/Menu Explorations. The subject is completely open, the idea is for you to get to know and use the least utilised or unused modes/programs on your camera. These will vary depending on the model and can be marked as Art, Scene, panorama etc and can produce some novel effects. These effects not be to your liking straight out of the camera but they may provide a basis for further post processing. It will be interesting to see what camera manufacturers have  built into their models.  The special effects are usually produced as a jpg but if you shoot RAW and JPG together you should get a ‘proper’ file as well as a modified image. From what I saw at the introduction on Friday night most of you will not need to use Auto or PASM modes for this theme.
  1. Back lit close up. Inspired by some of the prints from last week’s competition.  No fixed subject but words coming out on Friday included  flowers, foliage, leaves, sliced fruit, glass, lightbox, window light, tracing paper etc. It’s up to you!

Please get in touch if you need further details.

Bill Salkeld