Next Project Group meeting – Friday 9 March at 7:30pm

We had 15 members at last Fridays meeting, the themes appearing to be popular. 

On the theme of Control Dial /Menu  explorations we saw examples of amazing high ISO results from a modern DSLR, video clips, and various Art/Creative/ scene modes from different brands of camera. David Higton will be reviewing a selection of these at the next members evening. 

We hope to use a variation of the theme in the next few months. The Backlit Close up theme was also very popular with flowers being a strong subject. What came over to me once again is that we have some gifted club members who are not all interested in entering competitions. There were a variety of very good entries.

The next meeting will be on Friday 9th March at 7.30pm

The subjects are-

  1. White on White.

We had to resort to the theme cards for this one –

  1. Pick your favourite Bond theme tune and illustrate it.Slight variations are acceptable as long as there is a recognisable connection to a James Bond film title/tune.

As usual you can enter either or both themes , aiming to make a presentation of around 5-8 minutes. 

Running for a longer term is the theme Amusing and unusual signs, which we will look at in April

Bill Salkeld