Project Group – next meeting Fri 10 Feb



WGPS Project Group  – Next Meeting Friday 10th February 2017 at 7.30pm.

Up for showing at the next meeting are:

  1. Any glassware images from 27th Jan evening of any home produced work from those who couldn’t get there.
  2. Any entries for the next competition that you wish to show or discuss, the subjects having been taken on a digital device. It is a print competition but DPIs will be fine for this night.
  3. An open session, bring along any images that you care to show or discuss.  In addition feel free to bring your camera along if there are settings on it that you do not understand or would like to know more about. 

We will also choose subjects for the next meeting which will be back to the normal format.

Bill Salkeld

Some images from the last meeting showing the group taking their images: