Project Group – next Meeting Fri 27 Jan

WGPS practical evening – photographing glass objects.

This will take place on Friday 27 January at 7.30 pm in the Small Hall

Glass objects are notoriously difficult to photograph because of the issues with reflections. This sets a challenge for the Project Group, so by way of a change we are going to have a practical evening at the Guild so that we can share and draw upon each others ideas and experience. A certain amount of equipment and setting up will be required, some of the items that could be used are listed below. Not everyone will have access to all items and indeed some may have different ideas altogether.   Please bring along anything that you think may be useful. 

  • Camera/lenses/spare batteries etc
  • Tripod/remote release.
  • A glass subject to be photographed. Clear, simple (no designs), unmarked wine glasses , make a good start.
  • More ornate items, such as jugs, vases or paperweights can be tried later in the evening.
  • Black, white (for reflectors), red and green card (or other colours) for background (£1 shops)?
  • A piece of black mount board with a hole in the centre which is just smaller than the wine glass. You will need some method of raising this up to get a light source underneath (books from the club library may be a possibility). Your subject will need to rest on this black card.
  • A light source, either a flashgun with off camera cable, LED torch or light box. We have table lamps, studio flash and tungsten lights in the darkroom for the more ambitious.
  • A method of holding up background card/paper. This might be the main challenge. Improvisation is part of the fun. Bluetac, pins and plastic spring type clips (£1 shop) may help.  
  • Some sort of background & lighting diffuser such as a white perspex  sheet or  an improvised version using tracing/greaseproof paper, bulldog clips and a simple wooden picture frame (pound shop or charity shop). The glass from the frame may also be useful for some set-ups.

Whilst this subject may not inspire everyone, why not dust off your camera, come along and take some pictures anyway.

Some examples from Stuart Martin and myself from an earlier session are attached as examples. We are open to any alternative ideas.

Bill Salkeld