Sean Conboy

So who is tonight’s speaker? Someone named Sean Conboy who is described on his website as “An internationally renowned photographer, who provides architects, construction companies, designers and the world of advertising and marketing with a standard of work that only leaves you questioning the standards of others.” Also his website mentions that he is an Ambassador for top range photographic equipment like Hasselblad, Linhof and Broncolor. His Hasselblad camera costs as much as a family car!! So, the question comes to mind … how relevant is this person to members of a local camera club in Wilmslow?
Sean began his presentation by telling us about what had led him into a lifetime of photography and his international reputation. The gift of a movie camera from his grandfather was the beginning. He used it to make short films whilst at school in Blackpool and the new found love of photography took him to study the subject at a highly reputable college in his home town. By now he had decided that he wanted to be a stills photographer. During his year out from college, on work experience, he was allowed to use a Hasselblad camera and all the film he could use!
Having finished college he went to London where he gained invaluable commercial photography experience and also spent 18 months working on a cruise ship. Significantly, whilst in London he had the opportunity to attend a lecture where ‘the best architectural photographer of his day showed pictures and did demonstrations.” He then knew what he wanted to do.


Blackpool Winter Gardens by Sean Conboy.

Today, he is an Ambassador for Hasselblad and Linhof, the top technical photographic equipment available. Wonderful images from various places around the world including Dubai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, Gibraltar, Blackpool and Manchester (!!) demonstrated the range and quality of his work. He talked through some of the technical challenges and solutions of architectural photography and the use of lighting to illuminate and / or creatively enhance his images.


Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur by Sean Conboy.

 By the end of his talk he had bridged the gap between the highly technically competent professional commercial photographer and the enthusiastic amateur by setting out certain principles and attitudes that can be applied to both disciplines and in doing so demonstrated his basic love of photography.

Les Stringer