High Speed Flash practical evening

Last Wednesday was an excellent practical evening at the Guild Photographic Society. George Franks came along and set up 4 tables with various setups to practice some high speed flash techniques.  George started with a brief introductory talk and then demonstrated each setup and helped the members take some high speed flash photos.  Two of the setups involved dropping objects into water with the water splashes appearing frozen, one had water dripping into a cocktail glass creating droplets (with images in the droplet) as well as it splashing into the glass and the fourth had wisps of smoke rising from a joystick.

The flash, mostly off-camera, with a remote trigger created the freezing effect. The initial settings were: camera on manual with a synch speed of 1/125, ISO 100-400, F8 and the flash set to 1/32 of power.  However, these settings would need to be experimented with to get the perfect shot.

Focusing was set initially by autofocus and then the focussing turned to manual. The object could then be dropped (always in the same vertical plane, knowing the focussing wouldn’t change).

A great fun evening of hands-on experience, with George giving us plenty of know-how and members coming away with knowledge about the technique and those who tried the technique on the night getting some good shots. So DO TRY THIS AT HOME.

George demonstrating
George demonstrating

an example result

the smoke setup

the smoke rising


water droplets

lemon into a glass



Change of Programme

This coming Wednesday 16th March will now be dedicated to portrait photography.  Alan Angel will demonstrate portrait photography using studio flash; members can then then try out our own studio flash kit, which can be borrowed for a small fee.

The inter-club DPI competition has been cancelled.

Competition #4 results from March 2nd

The results of last night’s Open Print competition and the latest POTY results are now available via the results page.

A reminder to the Winners – please post DPIs of your winning prints via the upload portal so that Dave has them available for external competition entries.

Night Photography

Last Friday some of our members went on a night-time walk around Wilmslow.  This was one of our semi-regular Friday meetings.

Here’s a picture from Roger Hand:

Playing with zoom

Second Theme Competition

The format of Competition #5 is that it has 2 parts:

  • Part 1: DPI Open mono
  • Part 2: DPI Theme.  The theme for the 2nd theme comp is “Close Up” – interpret this any way you like.  DPI images for this can be colour or mono.
  • The hand-in date for Competition #5 is Wednesday 16th March

Comp #2 (Jan 6 2016) Results Published (CORRECTION)

The results of the recent print competition are available here.

Another selection of quality entries (and winners) from both new and established members.

As a number of members have notified us the colour print results were initially incorrect (due to an error early in the list which had a knock on effect down the list). Apologies. These have been corrected and the results  now reflect the scores awarded on the night.  (On the plus side it’s encouraging to know that we have so many visitors to the site!)

Please can the winners upload a DPI of their prints so that we can make them available for use in external comps. The print upload portal is here 

First Theme Competition “Part of the Body”

The format of Competition #3 is that it has 2 parts:

  • Part 1: DPI Open colour
  • Part 2: DPI Theme, can be mono or colour, author’s choice.

    The theme for that first themed competition is ‘part of the body’.  This can be anybody’s body, any animal’s body or anything’s body. i.e. as long as it has a body you can photograph it, but it must only be part of the body, not the whole thing.

  • The hand-in date for Competition #3 is Wednesday 27th January

Annual DPI Competition Results

Results from the Annual DPI competition are now available here. Another set of quality entries. Congratulations to the winners. Apologies for the delay in posting these – a small and unusual glitch in our carefully structured and finely honed processing methodology!

Winning photos will be added to the gallery and made available for external competitions.

(If you had a winning print entry and haven’t yet uploaded it we’d be grateful if you would … here.)

November Monthly Comp #1 Results

A slew of quality images in our November DPI competition. Interestingly a high number of mono entries this month (44) relative to colour (54). Congratulations to David Royle with a first in mono and second in colour. Results in detail here.

The gallery has been updated with some of the winning images from this competition and the annual (more to be added soon).

Annual Print Competition Results

Following the judge’s review last week the complete results of the 2015 annual print competition are posted on the results page … here

The DPI entries will be reviewed by a judge on 11 Nov and the full results posted on the site a week or so later.


Our Feathery Day Out


Many thanks to Landscapedays and The Feathery Folk for organising the great day out our club had photographing birds of prey yesterday. We had a great time with some very patient birds. Below are some photos of us enjoying ourselves at the event. There will be a 2nd post with photos of the birds too – not just of ourselves having fun!




New Season starts September 16th

Join us on Wednesday September 16th at 7.30 as we kick off the new season of talks, competitions and practical sessions.

New members are always welcome and you are invited to come  for a few trial sessions (£2 per session) before deciding to join as a full member.

You can view the programme here.

Summer Holidays

No meetings now till September, but all the members will be eating ice cream, reading the Beano, and taking great photographs to share next season.  In the meanwhile, you can see what people are up to on our Facebook page.

Photographic Exhibition in July 2015

As part of the Wilmslow Guild’s “Guild on View” our club will be holding an exhibition of a selection of members’ photographs.  Some of the pictures will be for sale.

The exhibition is open Friday on 3rd July 1:30pm to 3:30pm & 7:30pm till 9:00pm; and on Saturday 4th July 10:00am till 3:30pm.

Location is the Wilmslow Guild.

Come along and see some of pictures!


Last Meeting of the 2014-15 Season

Wednesday was our last meeting until September and there was a rare display of members’ cameras!

As a ‘chat and play’ meeting people were trying out various cameras, including some old but good manual lenses supplied by Bill.  We also played with the club’s studio lighting kit.

_D8B2380 _D8B2379 _D8B2378 _D8B2377 _D8B2376 _D8B2375

And Dave demonstrated his “not looking through the viewfinder” street photography expertise:




Lightroom cc / Lightroom 6

The new version of Lightroom was released yesterday (21/4/15)

If you are subscribed to Adobe Cloud you will obviously get the upgrade automatically but for those of you who wish to you can still buy the standalone version … but it’s perhaps not entirely obvious how you do it as Adobe is obviously keen to promote the CC version.

To buy/upgrade go to Adobe’s Lightroom product page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and look for the “buy now” button in the box for Lightroom 6 Standalone.  It will default to the full version with a price (as of this moment) of £103.88.  Once it’s in your cart, you can click the “Edit” button in the upper right to change it to an upgrade version for £59.09 (you need to specify your current version in the dropdown) – upgrade pricing is available to anyone who owns any version of Lightroom 1 through 5.  These links are only for Adobe’s “ESD” (Electronic Software Download) version, which lets you download the installer online, but does not include physical media.

If you would like some information about what’s in release 6 …

The LightroomQueen (a good site for all things Lightroom)

Jeffrey Friedl – A personal view (author of excellent plugins)

Competition #5 Results

The results of the April 1st competitions are on-line. Along with the updated POTY rankings. We finally  found out what a good “surprise” picture is in the theme competition!  Glad that the upload Portal worked pretty seamlessly for you.

Results are here

And the latest POTY ratings