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Next Project Group – Friday 9 February

WGPS Project Group Update.

Friday last saw a good turnout of members. The Christmas theme drew aside variety of images including food, family groups, retail mania, post Xmas walks and even a few with religious connections.  Recreating an image from a magazine produced some star images,  from Pam with portraits of a friend reproduced from a ten year old magazine article. From Stuart, a reproduced Nikon advert  and from Mary, (who was at home poorly) an iPhone advert using new skills she has recently acquired, see attached images  .   My thanks to all who attended and contributed, it made for an interesting evening.

The next meeting is on Friday 9th February  at 7.30 pm in a room yet to be allocated.

There are two subjects, you can enter images for either or both. The first one may go against the grain for some, but its only for once and besides that’s what we do!

  1. Control Dial/Menu Explorations. The subject is completely open, the idea is for you to get to know and use the least utilised or unused modes/programs on your camera. These will vary depending on the model and can be marked as Art, Scene, panorama etc and can produce some novel effects. These effects not be to your liking straight out of the camera but they may provide a basis for further post processing. It will be interesting to see what camera manufacturers have  built into their models.  The special effects are usually produced as a jpg but if you shoot RAW and JPG together you should get a ‘proper’ file as well as a modified image. From what I saw at the introduction on Friday night most of you will not need to use Auto or PASM modes for this theme.
  1. Back lit close up. Inspired by some of the prints from last week’s competition.  No fixed subject but words coming out on Friday included  flowers, foliage, leaves, sliced fruit, glass, lightbox, window light, tracing paper etc. It’s up to you!

Please get in touch if you need further details.

Bill Salkeld

RPS Events / Meetings coming up

There are some very interesting RPS events/ meetings in January and February:

Andy Astbury – Landscapes on Sunday 14th January at 10:30 at Hough End, Chorlton—landscapes 

Richard Tucker – A Lifetime of Images – Sunday 4th February at 10:30 – Wilmslow Guild

Gareth Jenkins – Sports photography & image processing on Sunday 25th February at 10:30 at Hough End, Chorlton

Speaker – John Beatty ‘Adventures in the Wild’

Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society – Wednesday 15th November

John Beatty ‘Adventures in the Wild’

Tonight we had a superb evening with John Beatty, speaking about his ‘Adventures in the Wild’. John has been a photographer for over 35 years and told of his aim to capture the ‘beauty and simplicity of the natural world’.

John started by telling us of his links to Wilmslow, showing a photograph of himself as a young boy sailing his boat on Lindow Common and also explaining how he taught for 7 years at a local Secondary School – indeed he was the PE teacher of our very own Dave  Swann and Ian Wilson.

John’s expeditions and adventures have taken him all over the world. One of his first expeditions was to the Antarctic, to South Georgia, just before the Falklands War, and he was lucky enough to have the only photos of South Georgia, that graced the front pages of our newspapers, when the war broke out.  He also visited the Arctic, skiing 400 miles across the Greenland Ice Cap, whilst hauling a leather sledge, and also spending time on the island of Spitsbergen, only 600 miles from the North Pole.

Some of John’s other adventures included trips to: the Himalayas; the source of the Ganges; the deserts of Africa and Asia; spending time with an African tribe and witnessing a healing ceremony that lasted all night; living in a yurt with the nomadic Eagle Hunters of Kazakh Mongolia; trekking the tributaries of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with his family and also a visit to Alaska. His love of mountains and wild remote places was evident throughout his talk and it was all accompanied by stunning images and video clips, which emphasised the beauty of the natural world.

He also told of his encounters with wild animals including grizzly bears, polar bears, lions, walruses, and meerkats and he spoke of ‘ that special moment when a wild animal looks you in the eye’. His talk contained many interesting anecdotes: the time he witnessed the ‘birth of a mountain’ when a volcano erupted in Iceland; the time he had high tea in a remote Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas; the time his friend fell off an ice face and he managed to hold onto the rope for 18 hours until rescue arrived!

John ended the evening telling us about his home and his love of the  Peak District. He showed some incredible images that he had taken in that ‘five minutes of special light as dawn breaks’, thus showing that we don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to take a brilliant image, we just have to look around us – and be up early! 

Thanks to Dave and Ian for suggesting that John come to give us a talk and to Adrian for arranging it.  We look forward to a return visit from John to hear more about his ‘Adventures in the Wild’ and to see more of his outstanding images.


WGPS Photo Project Group – next meeting Friday 1st December at 7.30pm

No pressure there then, plenty of time!

The chosen subjects are:

  1. Seasonal
  2. Perspective

As usual you can enter either or both sections showing your own interpretation of each. Aim for a  presentation of around 5 minutes so that we get the chance to see everyone’s images with a little time for discussion in between.

Does anyone have any thoughts /ideas for a practical evening early in the New Year? If so please let me know.

Bill Salkeld

Wilmslow Art Trail – visit us

Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society will be exhibiting at the Wilmslow Guild at 1, Bourne Street on Friday 13 October (7:00 – 9:30), Saturday 14 October (10 – 4) and Sunday 15 October (11 – 3). Please join us as part of the Art Trail to view our Photographic Exhibition and find out more about the Society.

For more information about the Wilmslow Art Trail, please visit the website:  Art Trail

Meteor Photography

At last Wednesday’s meeting I showed a meteor shower time lapse film I’d made on an iPhone.  If you’re interested the app required to make similar videos, and for just about any astronomy-related iPhone purpose, is NightCap Camera.  I was using version 9.0 which has the improved ‘meteor mode’.

Note this app was previously called NightCap Pro and, for a very short time, Night Camera (I think).

It’s currently £1.99 but there is no free ‘lite’ version any more.

And remember there are more meteor showers coming up this year, almost all on nights when the moon won’t interfere too much!  The Orionids, Leonids and Gemenids; in October, November and December respectively.

-Michael Hilton

Exhibition at Wilmslow Library Sat 26 Aug to Thurs 14 Sep

We will be holding a Photography Exhibition in Wilmslow Library Gallery from Saturday 26 August until Thursday 14 September. Do come along – entry is free and we will have a variety of exciting photographs on display with some of them for sale. For further information phone Mary Dolan on 07867428759.

WGPS Project Group Summer Theme

To be shown early next term (September) .  

You can contribute to either or both themes.

A Story in Black and White. Any subject, any theme (e.g. people making something or even a holiday or day trip) Up to a maximum of 15 images, any method of presentation, even an AV if you wish.  

Same place, different times.   Again it’s up to you, it could even be your garden or the local pub or church etc. Up to 15 images about the one subject taken at different times, you can use different viewpoints, different lenses, filters etc, whatever it takes to fulfil your interpretation of the theme.

My thanks to those who have contributed in any way to the success of the Project Group this season.

Bill Salkeld 

Chairman’s Challenge results 24 May


I was very pleased with the number entries in the Chairman’s Challenge last Wednesday with 49 entries in all. The ‘arty’ theme was very popular and the authors demonstrated great creativity in their entries. Members there on the night chose their top images and I have put the top 6 images in the blog.  Thanks to all the authors and the members on the night.

Regards, Chris

Michael Hilton – 1st place with ‘A Street Scene – Manchester’

Barbara Cook – 2nd place with ‘Post’

Barbara Cook – 3rd equal place with ‘Summer’

Michael Hilton – 3rd equal place with ‘Symphony Number 1”

Barbara Cook – 3rd equal place with ‘Purple Rain’

Margaret Green – 6th place with ‘Reflections Salford Quays’



Upcoming exhibitions

South Manchester Camera Club

They are holding an exhibition at Didsbury

Their exhibition then it moves to Victoria Baths on 9-10 September on their Heritage Day

Manchester Art Gallery

An exhibition “Women, Children and Loitering Men” is on from 19 May – 28 August.   Shirley Baker was a pioneering street photographer who compassionately documented the everyday lives of people. This exhibition focuses on her images of Manchester and Salford’s urban clearance programme from 1961-81.


Final Monthly Competition & POTY Results

Despite a slightly disappointing quantity of entries our final monthly (print) competition continued the excellent quality we have seen throughout the season. Ably demonstrated by the winners who also head the final rankings in our Photographer of the Year competition.

Congratulations to Michael Hilton (3rd) and Les Stringer (2nd) but especially to Barbara Cook who wins the coveted POTY trophy for the second year in succession. 

  Comp#6 results here

  POTY final table here

Project Group – Next meeting Friday 26th May at 7.30pm

These suggestions came from the members and are the new subjects. All club members are welcome.

  1. Objects of desire. As ever, put your own interpretation on this one.
  2. Image Processing.’ I did it my way.’ At the last meeting it was apparent that members use a variety of different software programs to process their images. To give us all an insight on how these, perhaps unfamiliar programs work the exercise here is to produce a picture story of the main stages of how you process an image from the initial importing from the camera to the final result.

A series of screen grabs or photos of the screen as seen in some magazine tutorials is what we are aiming for. There is no right or wrong way to process an image, it’s the end result that matters.  We should all learn something with this one. Use any image you wish to illustrate your process.

Bill Salkeld

Project Group – next meeting Fri 21 April

At 7:30 pm – this meeting is open to all club members. The subjects to be shown are:

  1. Your chosen final selection of the long term themes of Ghost Signs and Street/Markets.
  2. New subject Trees

An optional twist in this is for at least one of your ‘slides’ to include three images, comprised of an original image and two selected crops taken from that image. Each of the crops should ideally make an image that will stand up in its own right. This is basically an exercise in initial observation and post processing presentation skills. 

As ever, no judgements, no prizes. It’s all about trying to do something different to improve your photographic and computer skills.

Bill Salkeld

15 March Print Competition Results

The results of our recent Print competition are now available here

and the latest Photographer of the Year table is here

Our new format of having a Theme or Genre section every month alongside a standard ‘Open’ competition appears to be finding favour with members. This month the Genre was ‘Digital Device’ – images taken on a phone or tablet. Congratulations to the winners – pleas upload DPIs of your winning images!

Time Shift – An introduction to Time-Lapse Photography by Stephen Lewis


The crowded room immediately fell silent as Stephen grabbed everyone’s attention with a taster of his quite spellbinding time lapse productions. His productions were not just brilliant photography but were enhanced by a great variety of complementary music!
Having specialised in landscape photography for over 25 years Stephen explained how several years ago he was looking for something new, something different, to challenge him and he ‘found’ time lapse photography.
After a brief history of time lapse photography he went on to explain the hardware and software needed for the job. To achieve his exceptional level of accomplishment some specialist kit and software is needed but he explained how basic time lapse photography was within the reach of most keen amateur photographers.
The very professional and most enjoyable presentation was illustrated with several films that he had created. We saw sunrises and sunsets, the Northern Lights, the Milky Way, shooting stars, and clouds scuttering across the skies. We visited Scotland, the Lake District and Iceland, and as a finale, we flew around North Wales on Stephen’s TIME SHIFT magic carpet.
Find out more about Stephen at


Les Stringer













Project Group – next meeting Fri 10 Feb



WGPS Project Group  – Next Meeting Friday 10th February 2017 at 7.30pm.

Up for showing at the next meeting are:

  1. Any glassware images from 27th Jan evening of any home produced work from those who couldn’t get there.
  2. Any entries for the next competition that you wish to show or discuss, the subjects having been taken on a digital device. It is a print competition but DPIs will be fine for this night.
  3. An open session, bring along any images that you care to show or discuss.  In addition feel free to bring your camera along if there are settings on it that you do not understand or would like to know more about. 

We will also choose subjects for the next meeting which will be back to the normal format.

Bill Salkeld

Some images from the last meeting showing the group taking their images:













Project Group – next Meeting Fri 27 Jan

WGPS practical evening – photographing glass objects.

This will take place on Friday 27 January at 7.30 pm in the Small Hall

Glass objects are notoriously difficult to photograph because of the issues with reflections. This sets a challenge for the Project Group, so by way of a change we are going to have a practical evening at the Guild so that we can share and draw upon each others ideas and experience. A certain amount of equipment and setting up will be required, some of the items that could be used are listed below. Not everyone will have access to all items and indeed some may have different ideas altogether.   Please bring along anything that you think may be useful. 

  • Camera/lenses/spare batteries etc
  • Tripod/remote release.
  • A glass subject to be photographed. Clear, simple (no designs), unmarked wine glasses , make a good start.
  • More ornate items, such as jugs, vases or paperweights can be tried later in the evening.
  • Black, white (for reflectors), red and green card (or other colours) for background (£1 shops)?
  • A piece of black mount board with a hole in the centre which is just smaller than the wine glass. You will need some method of raising this up to get a light source underneath (books from the club library may be a possibility). Your subject will need to rest on this black card.
  • A light source, either a flashgun with off camera cable, LED torch or light box. We have table lamps, studio flash and tungsten lights in the darkroom for the more ambitious.
  • A method of holding up background card/paper. This might be the main challenge. Improvisation is part of the fun. Bluetac, pins and plastic spring type clips (£1 shop) may help.  
  • Some sort of background & lighting diffuser such as a white perspex  sheet or  an improvised version using tracing/greaseproof paper, bulldog clips and a simple wooden picture frame (pound shop or charity shop). The glass from the frame may also be useful for some set-ups.

Whilst this subject may not inspire everyone, why not dust off your camera, come along and take some pictures anyway.

Some examples from Stuart Martin and myself from an earlier session are attached as examples. We are open to any alternative ideas.

Bill Salkeld

Photo exhibition – Manchester 25 – 29 Jan

We had notification of an exhibition:

WHERE: St James House, 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4DZ

WHEN: Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th January 2017, open daily from 10am to 3pm

WHAT: Photography is a great means of storytelling and it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, anyone can take a photograph, but telling a rich story through photography is another matter.

By using a camera to tell a visual story, you not only capture a moment in time, you also suggest an underlying narrative that hints at something much bigger.

Our Stories is an exhibition devoted to documentary photography, which is often used to chronicle significant events or environments, historical events and everyday life.

COST: Entry is free – No tickets required

WHO: Anyone who you think may enjoy a photographic exhibition!


(Please note that dates may be subject to change. We advise you to check our website for the latest information prior to attendance. Only a selection of photographs from this exhibition will be shown in each gallery. As such, not every photograph will be guaranteed to feature in each location along the tour. Please contact us for more information. Disabled visitors are advised to check with us, before visiting an exhibition, that suitable access can be provided).


Member’s evening November

Bill Salkeld put together a very interesting topic for our member’s evening in November. Given the challenge of taking 4 images and handing them in to be amalgamated into a group slide show of all the contributors – all by 9:00!  The 4 image subjects were; a close-up shot, a portrait, plus two images outside the Guild – a street-light scene and a night-time ‘road’ image.  Members could use their own or the club’s laptops or could use other processing means e.g. camera phone or ipad apps.  A very busy evening’s photography and processing took place and we then all enjoyed reviewing and commenting on the images taken.

A selection of images on the night:



Sean Conboy

So who is tonight’s speaker? Someone named Sean Conboy who is described on his website as “An internationally renowned photographer, who provides architects, construction companies, designers and the world of advertising and marketing with a standard of work that only leaves you questioning the standards of others.” Also his website mentions that he is an Ambassador for top range photographic equipment like Hasselblad, Linhof and Broncolor. His Hasselblad camera costs as much as a family car!! So, the question comes to mind … how relevant is this person to members of a local camera club in Wilmslow?
Sean began his presentation by telling us about what had led him into a lifetime of photography and his international reputation. The gift of a movie camera from his grandfather was the beginning. He used it to make short films whilst at school in Blackpool and the new found love of photography took him to study the subject at a highly reputable college in his home town. By now he had decided that he wanted to be a stills photographer. During his year out from college, on work experience, he was allowed to use a Hasselblad camera and all the film he could use!
Having finished college he went to London where he gained invaluable commercial photography experience and also spent 18 months working on a cruise ship. Significantly, whilst in London he had the opportunity to attend a lecture where ‘the best architectural photographer of his day showed pictures and did demonstrations.” He then knew what he wanted to do.


Blackpool Winter Gardens by Sean Conboy.

Today, he is an Ambassador for Hasselblad and Linhof, the top technical photographic equipment available. Wonderful images from various places around the world including Dubai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, Gibraltar, Blackpool and Manchester (!!) demonstrated the range and quality of his work. He talked through some of the technical challenges and solutions of architectural photography and the use of lighting to illuminate and / or creatively enhance his images.


Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur by Sean Conboy.

 By the end of his talk he had bridged the gap between the highly technically competent professional commercial photographer and the enthusiastic amateur by setting out certain principles and attitudes that can be applied to both disciplines and in doing so demonstrated his basic love of photography.

Les Stringer

Frogfish at WGPS



On Wednesday last we enjoyed a most entertaining and informative evening with Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown ( who gave a presentation on Underwater Wildlife Photography. Using a series of wonderful images taken in various locations throughout the world, they talked through not only the technical challenges of their work but also about the artistic aspects of underwater photography. The ‘techies’ in the group had the opportunity to examine and discuss the photographic equipment that Nick and Caroline use.

We also heard about their busy lives as award winning photographers and authors of books and regular contributors to diving, wildlife and international press. We heard about their passion about marine conservation and their role as UK Ambassadors for Sharks4Kids.


It was a most fascinating and enjoyable presentation that gave us an insight into this specialist genre of photography.


Les Stringer